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Keeping Your Skin Healthy During Autumn

The cold has certainly hit the Uk. I’m not complaining because I’m your typical gal who >loves< the Autumn. The cold for me is a win.

But it does come with one down fall, my body and skin go into total shock. I need all the mositurising products I can get my hands on. From the best body wash, to the best lotion and moisturiser, you say it I’ll have a version of it. Body care is crucial at this time of year. And if your one of those lucky buggers who have the nicest skin which changes through the season with them. Well you can just bugger off. Don’t really just click to another post, I promise there will be something here for you.

Loccitane are one of my all time favourite products for body care, they seem to tick all the boxes I am looking for. And tbh I feel like they are one in a few that actually get the job done quickly. There are five products in particular which I think will help you and your skin this autumn. Let me give you the low down and why you need them.

Scrub. We are gunna need to scrub all the dead skin away. Leaving our baby skin ready to get it looking healthy and ready for the autumn. Loccitane have a Almond show scrub which works amazingly at getting rid of the skin that your just not into anymore. This scrub is made with almond oil and their shells which makes it a super simple and gentle on the skin. Once you’ve scrubbed all the dead skin away its the perfect time to use a Shower Oil, this helps with sensitive skin and keeps it feeling super soft. If you have never used a shower oil, then who are you? Do you even beauty?

Once your out and feeling super soft and its time to get that thick body lotion on. This is the best bit for me. If your like me and you hate the feeling of a super thick mosituriser as it sits on top of the skin, then your going to love this. It sinks in reasonably well and leaves your skin feeling smooth. I also like to use a thinner body lotion during the day to help keep my skin feeling super soft. There is just something about a nice body lotion that makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together.

CharlotteSamantha OX




  • The Jade Files

    I absolutely love L’Occitane for body products- they always feel so luxurious don’t they? Great post x


    • charlotte samantha

      Oh my gosh yes!! And the scent is amazing ox

  • Sinéad Danielle ✿

    Wait, what – I’ve never used a Shower Oil! Definitely think I need to after reading this! Love L’Occitane products too, they always smell amazing!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    • charlotte samantha

      They are so good, you really need to try one ox

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