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February Face

Im hoping to make this a little monthly thing. We shall see, see this post about how much of a sh!t blogger I am. Rather than doing the usual monthly favourites, your gal got bored of not posing them on time. We are going to just create a little monthly face post.

This may be a thing or we might get to March and they no longer exist. But Im going all in on the effort front. So here it is, my February Face. 

Think valentines, highlight, red. And it pretty much sums it up.

The red lip has made another appearance since Christmas. If you need any excuse to wear a red lip it has to be valentines day, or the full month if your anything like me. Ive been devoting my time carefully sculpting out the perfect lip with the Mac Retro Liquid Lipcolor in Dance With Me. THE perfect matte red lipstick you did ever see. Although your gal has to be feeling extra patient if I’m wearing this, its not as simple as a quick swipe of colour.

To create the illusion that I’ve made an extra effort with tan and highlight, Ive been using a few different products missed together. To make me look a little sun kissed in the winter sun we are defiantly not getting in England, Ive been using the Ofra 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer which gives a gorgeous golden bronze finish to the skin looks gorgeous. Even if I do say myself, you’ll find I’m not one to ever say my skin looks gorgeous, so we are onto a winner. For highlighter I have been using the Glossier Haloscope as a base for my highlighter followed by the Nars Overexposed Glow Highlighter Man Ray Edition, this gives the top of your cheek bones that perfect finish. A glow thats going to wow without people stopping to tell you you’ve got glitter from last nights craft event over your face.

To create the perfect sultry Valentines looks, yes I am fully aware Valentines is now over but can we just celebrate the whole month? Ive been throwing back to an olden goldie, Nars Orgasm blusher. I honestly remember how mortified 17 year old me was when I asked my mam for this blusher for Christmas, I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on myself at the time but knew I really wanted it. There was only one way for it. This has the most gorgeous rose gold pink tone to it which is just perfect for Valentines.

And honestly I would say thats about it, obviously the full face has still been applied much the same as previous months. But how much can I talk about the same foundation etc until somebody gets bored. Disclaimer. Fully aware Ive spoken about Nars Orgasm before but its a firm favourite.

Lets hope we see next month with a similar monthly face. Cross those fingers for me, oh and leave a comment below if you like the idea of these post, that would be really great


CharlotteSamantha. OX



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