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Adding Volume and Shine To Your Hair With Natural World

When it comes to my hair I’m a little bit of newb. As in, I really dont make that much of an effort. I couldn’t tell you the condition of my hair other than super thick. Which has meant the only hair I have is either up in a tight af bun or straight down, there no curls, no waves nothing other than up or down straight. Exciting I know. Ive always struggled with keeping it looking shiny and generally nice. Im always on the look for the next best shampoo and conditioner. 

Your gal was hit up by Natural World who have recently brought out a Chia Seed oil hair range. After all the talk of Chia Seeds, of course I said I would love to test the range out.

I was very kindly sent out the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Can I also add these bottles have you got you good for a couple of months at least with their 1L bottles costing only £6. I was shook when I A) saw the size of the bottles and B) saw how little they cost. I try my hardest to stop using all the nasty chemicals and shiz on my body and hair so when I found out that this range uses Chia Seed Oil and 4 other essentials oils I was amazed and definitely ready to give it a try. Chia Seeds are renowned for it properties which add strength and volume too your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. And if your not sold at that then what will get you hooked.

Im always very concours when using products like this because sometimes I think they can leave your feeling a little strange, not quite fully clean and maybe a little oily. But this one is perfect. Iv’e been using it for three weeks and love every step of it, Ive even got my family onto it. My hair feels full of volume but also has a gorgeous shine, which I’m not use to. Another great thing about the shampoo and conditioner is the pump, there is nothing worse than trying to scrap around the bottom of the bottle for the last bits of the product. As this has a pump it is so much easier to get the product out and the right amount at that.

Ive also been using the Hair Oil Treatment which is only £5 and will last you so long, there is something nice about only using one product and feeling like its doing the job of so many more. Im also loving using an oil on my hair, from someone who has used all the frizz taming creams and mouses to using a single oil is such a change but I can honestly say its for the better.

There is also so many more ranges which you could try out if you feel the Chia Seed range isn’t for you, they have ranges for dehydrated hair, oily hair and coloured hair. They really do have your back covered.


CharlotteSamantha. OX

This post was sponsored by Natural World.



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