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Five Things To Do This Halloween

You say witch like its a bad thing. 

Im not your typical girl. 

I hope you know that about me by now. 

You’ll not find me out till the early hours of the morning, or on snap chat drinking the shots back like there is no tomorrow. 

That just aint me. 

When it comes to Halloween I always feel a little lost. Which in the past has kind of stopped me celebrating Halloween. And if you do know me you know your gal likes to celebrate all the holidays. Easter, birthdays, autumn, Christmas. You say those words and Im planning the decor. But Halloween just wasnt for me for the whole we have to go to a bar and get hammered. 

Maybe I just stereotyped that and thats not actually the facts behind Halloween. But you get my drift, right? 

I thought of five things for anyone who is crazy like me and wants to put their all into Halloween but just didn’t know how to go about it. Lets go. 

This one is for those ladies living in the North East. In fact I suppose its not because you can travel, make a weekend of it and really get scared shitless. 
Scream Factory. I have been on a couple of their press nights and actually went this year too. Just think, walking around a dark, run down factory. Add in some live actors, smells, textures, sounds, isolation and your pretty much there. And if I haven’t sold you by imaging that then I don’t know what will. This place isn’t for the light hearted but definitely the place to go if you fancy a little Halloween fright. 

For those of you who are thinking bugger that. Grab yourself a scary movie, a bowl of popcorn and a big thick blanket. The popcorn to take your mind off the actually movie and the blanket to hind behind. Make it a movie night. And if you are that much of a wuss you can’t even watch a scary movie, try a kids halloween movie. 

Throw a dinner party. And maybe make it fancy dress. Grab the scariest decorations from your town and deck your house. Invite all your best pals or family over and make it a night to remember without the scares. Could you handle a small amount of scary music? 

Murder Mystery night. You could kind of combine this and the one above together. Or if your feeling a little lazy order a pizza and be done with it. But a murder mystery night sounds right up my street. You could create your own or order one online to get the night set up properly. 

Pumpkin carving night. Grab your BF, your BFF and your fam or just sit on your own because why the hell not. Grab all the pumpkins you need and start the carving. You’ll need some nibbles on the go and a good movie on in the background. Maybe not a scary one because theres gunna be knives involved in pumpkin carving! 



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