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Autumn Love


With the summer coming to an end naturally I am start into Autumn before it has even officially begun. Autumn is my favorite season so you will be seeing a post once a week all about autumn and all the things I love about it. Who doesnt love getting snuggled under the quilt watching movie after movie, eating chocolate like theres no tomorrow and sipping on a lovely hot coffee. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life this would be it.

Theres nothing I love more than waking up on a morning looking out the window and seeing that the leaves have started to turn brown and that they are dropping off the trees. Going for long walks with layer after layer, high boots and being able to hear the crunch under foot. Running a hot bath and adding lots of bubble bath or Lush bathbombs to warm me up after the cold walk. Being able to wear thick knit jumpers, scarves and hats. I’m getting far too excited as im sat here writing this! But I really cant wait!


Whats your favorite thing about the Autumn?

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