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Im Ready For Autumn

Fall is Sweater Weather, Crunchy Leaves and Pumpkin Spice Everything. 

I know we are only in August and most of you are probably going to think I am crazy. But maybe, just maybe there is a few of you who are with me on this one. I am so ready for the Autumn. 

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, I know for some they hate how dark it gets, the weather in the Uk can be well lets just say it pretty shitty. But there is something about the cosy dark nights, the crisp mornings and lets be real if your a candle obsessive like me you can light all the candles and more in the Autumn.

But lets stop the rambling and let me tell you why I am ready for the Autumn.

1.Crisp, cold walks.
I actually love going for walk but my favourite is when its cold, starting to get a little dark. The leaves crunch under your feet and your fully wrapped up in your boots, jumper, coat and of course a hat. I just can’t. I feel a little too giddy just thinking about it.

2. Pumpkin Spice. 
I am fully going to admit that pumpkin spice is my go to in the autumn. In a coffee, in my food, in a candle. Well shit I think Id buy it in a perfume if they made one. 

3. Rainy Days. 
What makes me really fucking excited is that as I write this I am actually sat in bed while the rain is coming down and you know what its bloody excellent. I love nothing that a good rainy day to snuggle up and feel completely safe from everything thats happening outside. 

I suppose Ive already told you I like myself scented candles but it needed its own heading. I want all the lights off and to be sat in candle light. Candle light glow is my absolute fav. 

5. Knitwear.
My favourite season for fashion has to be the autumn. Im working on loving the way my body looks and shit thats hard but honestly jumpers and cardigans hide your gals most hated part of her body and oh it makes me feel good. 

6. Dark tones. 
As much as I love the colour white. My favourite colours are khaki green, Burgundy, mustard. Imagine a gorgeous mix or those clothes sat in your wardrobe and your getting close to how I want mine to look. 

Whats your favourite thing about Autumn? Or do you hate Autumn, if this applies. Im sorry but we can’t be friends. 



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