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5 Products £10 And Under

I’m all about the luxe, stunning high end beauty products, but sometimes your girl just doesn’t have the bank balance to go with them. When I say sometimes, lets face it I mean most the time. And sometimes this girl just loves a drugstore buy, if we are honest sometimes we buy the high end goods for the insta shot, or the stunning packaging that will look stunning on the top of your dressing table.

And 2 years later it is still sat there. Untouched because well the colour is just so not you.

I mean, I know there is items out there that are so much nicer highend, they apply smoother, last the full day without touching up and have the best range of colour. I’m not disputing that but we ain’t all getting paid £500 for every insta post, although I can guarantee the majority of us wish we where. Am I right!

I always feel like an instruction manual when it comes to this point in the post ‘ please see below for more details’ but what the hell do you say. I am so shit with this blogging stuff, you’d think three years later I’d be smashing it but no, yo girl just ain’t got the brain for that. And lets not get into the lack of posts CharlotteSamantha has been seeing. But what I was really getting to is, the 5 products I put my pesky little hands on when I thought about this post, oh and they are £10 or under.

One last thing before we really jump into it, I was going to call this post 5 Products under £10 but then one of the items I was desperate to put into the post cost £9.99 and really lets be real that’s a tenner so it had to be changed to the above. Blogger problems, ey.

Top of the list and the first thing I grabbed is the Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner, I have been searching for the best eyeliner for what seems like a lifetime. It seems that way but it probably actually has been a life time, because I’ve never found one I truly love, well until now that is. This little beauty is only £5.29. Can you believe it. Honestly, I thought it was going to be crap when I first bought it but decided not to judge a book by its cover and went with it. Its my love. Its glides on so easily, is super black and lasts all day long. BEST thing ever is that I can ever manage to master a cat eye with this little gem. I’ll be taking this one to the grave.

Whilst we are on the topic of eyes, I may as well mention the Kiko, water shadow in the colour light taupe, this gem only costs £8.90 which I think is amazing considering how much product you get and how little you need when applying it. These shadows are pigmented like no other shadow.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, had to be included in this post. I felt like it would have been rude not to. Its kinda like a law in the blogging world that you have a collection lasting perfection concealer in your draw. Ok, yes I made that up. But we all have it right? At only £4.19 can you really complain, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you get your ass over too boots now it has 20p off making it only £3.99. yes girls!

The last two products are face products. The first being something that I spoke about recently in my 3 drugstore highlighters post, you can find it here. Go on you know you want to! Sleek highlighting palette in Cleo’s Kiss. This is the product that made me change the title costing £9.99. You get two powder highlighters and two cream highlighters which are 100% going to make you pop! Milani baked blush in Berry Amore is the last product in this post. I bought this whilst in New York last year and am so glad you can now order Milani online in the Uk. This blush is perfect, it is the most gorgeous shade for the summer. And only costs £9.99, okay so there two came in last place and made me change the title.

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  • Rhi

    Fab choices. Who doesn’t love the Collection concealer?! I don’t understand how it can be that good yet so cheap, what are they doing over at the Collection lab??? xx

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