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Wish List // January Blues Wishes

It always comes to this time of year and all I want to do is spend, spend, spend. It has just been Christmas but I still feel like I want to buy everything and anything. I think it’s the fact that I have just been gifted a lot of new stuff and then feel like I want everything new, the start of a new year also makes me feel like I want to start a fresh with everything. I want to  start new with my wardrobe and clear out any  make-up I got the year before. Well the last one was a little bit of a joke as if I would ever do that. I probably have make-up sitting there that is way out of its use by date, but that’s just a number right?

beauty wishlist

1)NaoBay Moisturising Peeling £17
2) Cosmo Shambhala Scrub £35
3) Michael Todd Charcoal Mask £24

clothes wishlist4) Daisy Street Stripe Dress £17.99
5) Asos Sculpt Me Jeans £35
6) Pimkie Boots £31.99
7) Head Over Heels by Dune £49


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