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Fitness // Turning You Into A Fitness Junkie

Every year I tell myself I will become fit this year. Every year I end it saying I wish I had stuck to what I had started. With that being one of my New Year Goals, sticking to things I have started I have made a bid that when the end of 2016 comes round I will be saying I can’t believe I have stuck to this. To ensure that I have changed up my fitness routine and healthy eating with that too. If you came here thinking that I was going to turn you into someone who loves the gym then you are probably wrong. I don’t love the gym yet, but I don’t mind going. I’ve had a little think into ways that you can stick to the healthier lifestyle for longer, rather than quitting once it hits the 5th of January or the 1st of February. Here are a few little things that I try to remember/do on a daily basis.

Take out time everyday. Even if it is 15 minutes that’s more than you would have done if you had told yourself ‘you have no time’.

Find a friend. This is something I swear by, find someone else who wants to achieve a similar goal. Workout with them or cook with them.

Eat healthy but have a treat. I eat healthy everyday of the week then one night a week I can have a treat. Ranging from a chocolate bar, a take-out or going out for a meal. Just make sure its one.

Eat good food, I get bored with eating lettuce. Cook up some yummy food, I’m using the Lean in 15 book.

Drink water. When I wake up on a morning I drink a glass of water. This sets me up for the day, I feel ready to achieve.

Keep your goals small. You can always create a new on once you have hit your first one.


If you have any more tips please share them! The more the better

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