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Thoughts // January 2016

There comes to a point with my blog where I find myself sitting typing away with no real meaning. I would say this happens at least once a month. I sit typing then look back at it all and think where was this going and what is it really all about. Then I delete the whole thing and end up in a rut as to what to post. The cycle goes on and on from there. Rather than deleting them this year I thought I would post them up. After all there must be a reason for these random little rambles.

I think the one thing really going through my mind at the moment is my To-Do-List. It’s something that I probably shouldn’t do as I tend to get myself super stressed with the amount I have un-ticked and the one/two things I have ticked. Yes I do actually tick off each one as I go, there is something very satisfying about ticking something that you have been meaning to do for weeks and have only just got round to it. Sitting down every night to write down all the things I need to remember to do the next day sends me bananas, but yet I still find myself sitting down every night and doing it. Its crazy really, that we do something that drives us crazy but we still find ourselves in the same position every time. Now the list has gone from Fridays to-do-list plus Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Oh and Monday’s as that’s what I should be doing tomorrow. Do you do that? Have you got any tips to make this easier?!

There’s one thing that I would have just written out with no real meaning. But still I find myself writing it out, maybe it makes me feel a little bit better that I have told someone. That now this stress isn’t the main thing I should be worried about, now you all know. ANYWAY.

The other thing I wanted to add onto this little rant was to let you all know I have gone from full-time work down to part-time. To give myself chance to catch up on the things that I really need to get done. For instance my Online Beauty course, this little place on the internet and other generic life jobs. Now I have more time for CharlotteSamantha I was wondering if there was anything in particular you like seeing here or if there is something new you want to see? Let me know in the comments or on one of my social media sites.


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