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Review: Benefit B.Right Radient Face


B.Right Radiant Skincare, Benefit

After getting my second set of the B.Right Radient Skincare by Benefit six piece, I knew I had to write a little space on my place on the internet all about my experience with it and why I love it Oh so much. I got my first set as a gift and then bought myself it again as I loved it just so much and it really does work well with my skin. Just so you know the ins and outs of my skin, I have combination oily skin, I suffer from a few little blemishes which I do find can be quite drying to my skin.


Foaming Clean Facial Wash, Benefit

The first thing I use when I wake up on a morning is the Foamingly Clean Facial Wash, which is an amazing facial wash which laves up into a lovely, smooth, bubbly goodness. This really makes me feel like its getting all the first out of my skin and giving me a fresh, clean start to the day. The range all smells the same which is something that I love! I apply it all over my face and then rub gently in circular motions, once it is all lavered up I rinse it with warm water.


Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Benefit

I follow with Moisture Prep Toning Lotion which helps to tone the skin, closing all the pores. This is soothing on the skin, and feels kinda of cool when you place it on the skin. To apply this I put a little on a cotton pad and rub it on my face, gently of course. I love the texture of this toner and it makes my face feel too soft once Ive applied it.


Its Potent Eye Cream, Benefit

The next step for me is eye cream, the It’s Potent Eye Cream is amazing. The creamy texture does wonders for my poor bagged eyes. I place a pea size amount on my ring finger and rub it between both rings fingers, I then pat this under my eyes working upwards until I get to the edge of my eyebrow. I also apply this on a night time in the same manor but I apply a little more just to let it sink into the skin properly.


Tripe Performance Facial Emulsion, Benefit

The Triple Performace Facial Emulsion is the prefect day moisturisor. Its light weight consistency sit lovely on the face and is a great base for primer and make-up. I love the consistency of this moisturisor, as I have oily skin its best to put something a little lighter on the face, especially when Im going to be applying make-up.


Total Moisturisor, Benefit

For the Total Moisturisor, I use this on a night time as this is a much thicked consistency and allows the skin to become rehydrated after a long day wearing make-up. Another thing I love about this is how it makes my skin feel the next morning when I wake up, my face is literally like a babies bum!


Refine Finish Facial Polish, Benefit

The last thing in this set is the Refined Finish Facial Polish, this is the only thing I dont use everyday as I find it a little too rough on y skin. But when my skin is in need of a lease of new life and for the bad skin to be rubbed away I apply a dollop of this and gently rub it on the areas which are a little dead.

Have you tried any of the Benefit Skincare? Let me know in the comments below!





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