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Where Have You Been?

Where Have You Been

This post seems to be becoming to frequent at CharlotteSamantha,which makes me think I am putting far too much pressure on myself. I get into the groove of blogging and tend to have an amazing few weeks not missing a day, then bam!!! I disappear because I lose the motivation to keep going. I think it’s because I try to tell myself I need to do more, I need to get a post out everyday but to be honest that just not possible I work 27.5 hours a week, working on an online beauty course and also trying to adult. That is just too much to put into one persons life. When I get into these moods when it’s about time I come out of it I normally tell myself I’ll blog these days and I’ll do this, this day, but I’ve had a change of heart. I just want to blog when I want to. If that means I blog everyday one week and only two times the next then so be it. I really don’t mind. Its my little spot on the internet to do with it what I want. So just bare in mind there is no schedule, no promise of blog posts every day/every week. Just when and as they come to me. I may even put two posts up in one day, who cares!! I also felt like because I was trying to post everyday I was kinda just pushing anything up. which is definitely not something I want, I have always tried to make sure that everything I put up onto CharlotteSamantha is something that I absolutely wanted to talk about. Not just something to put up because I couldn’t think of anything else. I suppose that’s kind of why my blog has changed a little to lifestyle, you all know I am obsessed with beauty but sometimes I just dont want to talk about beauty. I have other things that go on in my life that I want to share with you, be it recipes, a new book I have read or even a new organisation technique I have found. I want this to be me. Not some thing that I feel forced to talk about because everybody else is. Just things that I love and want to share with all of you. I suppose that’s enough of my rambling on a Saturday, enjoy the rest of your weekend and just know from now on there will be post as and when I want them up. No pressure!!!






  • Lisa Santos

    Sometimes we just need a break and that is ok πŸ™‚ I could never post everyday! I work very long shifts and also do night shifts so I can be very unproductive during those times and I know it is impossible to post every single day. I’d rather have quality instead of quantity.
    What has been working for me during the last three months is to post every tuesday, thursday and saturday.. Then I have two days in between to relax and slowly work on next weeks post.
    I feel like this way I never get to stressed and I always find subjects that I want to talk about. Also, I feel like my followers will always know when I will upload and so it is also easier for them.

    I guess that with blogging all you need to find is the right pace for you.. And you will find yours πŸ™‚

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