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Sond Skincare Review 3

When I first came across SÖnd Skin I was lusting over their instagram photos and wanting to try all their products, I was very lucky for them to send me one of the products I was most excited about and now takes proud place on my bedside table. It takes a long time to make it up there! So this really is a good egg. SÖnd is an anti-ageing skincare brand suited for those with sensitive skin, they use silica which is a natural mineral which is known to have many health benefits for the skin. Silica helps the production of collagen which is amazing in our skin and also helps to reduce inflammatory making it amazing for sensitive skin. I tend to have flair ups with my skin where it will be super sensitive for a period of time, going bright red when I wash my face etc. I was very lucky to be sent the Hydrating Face Spray. I am always intrigued by facial sprays wondering what the real benefit it is other than the amazing cooling effect it gives. SÖnd very kindly gave me a 15% off code for you all to enjoy!! Use the code CHARLOTTE15 at the checkout and get yourself some of these beauties.

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The Hydrating Face Spray aims to:

  • Leave the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated
  • Preps the skin to receive the best results from the next products you apply
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin
  • Fragrance and paraben free

I can honestly say I agree with all these points which SÖnd use on their website to describe the results of the facial spray. I find that it gives my skin that boost of moisture that it needs through out the day. One question I feel you are asking yourself is can I use this with make-up on, obviously this is designed to be used without make-up on but I have used it with my make-up on when I feel like I need a little hydration into my skin and it works fine. It sinks so fast into the skin that I didn’t find it move any of my make-up. I have been keeping this on my bedside table as I like to use it when I wake up on a morning, when I get in from work and before I go to bed. And of course any time during the day when I feel a need that little boost.

I love the packaging of this product, if you know me you know how much a love white, sleek packaging. It makes my eyes turn to hearts like on the emoji. It’s just so pretty! I also loved the way in which they package their parcels, if you order anything from SÖnd know it is going to make you smile when you receive it. I’ll just leave some photos here of how beaut the packaging is.

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Dont forget to use the code CHARLOTTE15 to get yourself 15% off!!!





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