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Valentines // Sweet Treats

IMG_4365 IMG_4373 IMG_4430 IMG_4403With valentines just around the corner it would be wrong off me to not bake something yummy. Right? I make that my excuse anyway. Prepare yourselves for a long post, full of photos that will make you drool and recipes that are super simple. Again like my Chinese New Year post which you can find here, Ill link you to any of the recipes I used because lets face it, it’s probably easier for you too read them than to try understand what mine is saying. Sit back and enjoy!

IMG_4346 IMG_4349 IMG_4367The first thing I made are these super cute and easy White Chocolate Hearts, literally all I did was buy a mould from £1 Land, melt the chocolate, sprinkle in some hearts and 100s and 1000s pour over the chocolate and set in the fridge. Super simple but they look so effective.

IMG_4344 IMG_4352 IMG_4354 IMG_4387 IMG_4408 IMG_4421

IMG_4348 IMG_4356

Next was just a simple cupcake recipe, then I added vanilla butter cream and a little heart on top. I love these, they are probably my favourite out of everything I baked. They look so effective and taste amazing. For the heart shaped Victoria Sponge I did the same recipe but then filled it with jam and cream.

IMG_4358 IMG_4445For the White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies I found a recipe over on Pinterest which you can find here. This has got to be the best cookie recipe I have used yet and as soon as Lent is over Ill be straight back to making batches of these yummy little things. If you didn’t know I am giving up chocolate for lent. Wish me look.


Whats your favourite treat for valentines?

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  • GemsBlogStorey

    LOVE this post, it made me very hungry for all things yummy haha. Amazing photos! xxx

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