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Five // Things I’d Teach My Teen Self

I’m only twenty, twenteen I like to say but there is still so much I would change from when I was younger. Things I wish somebody had taught me and told me. Although, I bet you if you ask my mam she would say I told you that for all five off these points. But back then I didn’t need to listen to my mam. She knew nothing, right? Well that wasn’t exactly true. She knew far more than she let on and far more than I thought she really knew. I can picture it now, I wanted to do something that my mam thought was probably a bad idea, she would tell me that. And off I went stamping on every single step as I stropped up to my room. What did she know?! She was old, I was young and cool and knew everything there was to know. So I thought…

Be you // Don’t be persuaded to do something just because one person is, or wear the same as everyone else in your group. I see young groups of girls now with them wearing the same thing and it just reminds me of times when that was me. If I could go back in time I’d wear things that I wanted. Id be original, id be me. One of my biggest memories was off when it was my best friend at the times birthday. We where going for a full day off shopping, we decided we all had to wear the exact same thing. A pink top with white linen trousers. Yes you heard it here first! So off we strutted to primark the week before, obviously wearing the identical outfits but in different colours. Picked up the same white trousers and pink top. I kept it in the bag the whole of the week ready to take it too my friend’s house the night before. We slept giddy, waiting for the biggest shopping day ever. We where up and I was putting on my clothes for the day when I realised I had only brought the worst pair of knickers I could have possibly brought. Dark grey Me To You pants, you know the comfy pair that you just never throw out because you are just too scared that you will never findĀ  a pair like them. Yup, it was that kind. Of course you could see right through my Primark linens, right through to the cute little teddy bear on the front of my knickers. I was mortified. My best friends super pissed because we where no longer wearing the same outfit. I couldn’t! It was right at that time when a boy who just as much passed a look at you as he was looking at the latest pair of football boots in the window of a shop. But you where standing right in front of it so of course he was looking right at you! Back to my main point. Don’t follow just because someone tells you too. Stand out from the crowd and be original.

Find your love // I by no means mean that you need to find the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I’m not even talking a romance. I’m talking more about finding a hobby that you love. An activity, sport or even just something you can sit in your bedroom and do. Do something that you love, because well you love it. I was into music and drama as a teenager and always found it hard to express it at first. I felt as though people would laugh at me, take the mic out of me or even bully me! I was soso wrong. Come the middle of secondary school I found so many people who also loved what I loved, it was amazing. Although I did in the end do what I loved I would try to change it so that I did that one thing that I loved from the very beginning. No waiting around, just do it.

Enjoy every minute // I was one of those people who worried about everything and still do! But now I look back and think I wish I was still worrying about that. Like what I spent the hour on a Sunday night doing because I was back to school on monday. When really school was nothing, it was amazing in fact. Id run back to that with a click of my fingers if I could. Obviously bringing all this with me. Another thing that I would change is not moaning about being bored in the six weeks you have off for the summer. Yes SIX WHOLE WEEKS, I’m lucky if I get a week off without a phone call from working as some kind of question. Take every minute of those holidays like it’s the last day ever.

Make-up don’tsĀ  // I was also that girl who for around a year wore the darkest foundation possible. When I say foundation I more mean a poly filler like substance that I would rub all over my face with my hands, like a hand wash. And when that didn’t cover that teenage acne Id add a bit more and a bit more and a bit more. Until you could see the layer that was sitting on top my skin. That layer that I would never take off properly that night, a quick bit of soap in my hand rub it round my face less times than I did the foundation that morning and into bed I go. Not realising that I was actually making matters ten times worse and that the stuff I was rubbing in my face was actually just blocking all my pores making it impossible for me to ever not have to wear make-up. The other is the nothing on the lips or cheeks phase. What was I thinking, a face full of orangness, mascara and off I went. It looked like some kind of alien came down to earth and stuck the stuff on my face, not really knowing what they where doing. What was I thinking!

Sharing // Although they say sharing is caring, not always. I’m not talking don’t offer your best friend a mint when they have serious bad breath and are tying to chat up the hottest guy in school. But seriously I’m not saying don’t help someone who is struggling. I’m more thinking along the lines of sharing every single thing you do on MySpace. We don’t all need to know when you last went to the toilet, when you ate that bit of crisp from yesterday that fell down the sofa. Share things that are worth sharing but not things that you would look back on and think why? Most the time when I send out a tweet or an instagram, I think in 5 years times will I regret this. If I think yes, chances are I will take it off. I don’t want to be humiliated and when I look back on my Facebook from 6 years ago I really do feel humiliated. Posting about the one guy I’m “in love” with all over Facebook was not the best idea I had.


Tell me what you would change when you look back five years from now?

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