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Chinese // New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Blogging for means one thing, I get to celebrate all holidays. Well it’s not so much that I get too more that its my little excuse to get cooking up the most unhealthy Chinese I could manage. Off I popped onto Pinterest, searching for an amazing Chinese dish, that wasn’t too difficult to make and didn’t have ingredients that I wouldn’t be able to find at my local supermarket. I spotted these two dishes, which made my mouth water just looking at them.

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I first started off with an amazing Sweet and Sour soup, I was going to write all the recipe etc out but instead I thought it would be easier to direct you to the place I found them and just show you the photos instead. Easier, right? For main I made two dishes, I’m the kind of person when it comes to chinese who likes to have a few different flavours. I tend to get bored with the same one. The first I found was this Cashew Chicken, I am a huge fan of cashew nuts and normally go for a Kung Bo when I order in, so I thought this may be similar. It was delicious, a little sickly for me which is why I like more than one dish but I would definitely make this one again. The other was a Szechuan Beef, I love a sticky crispy chilli beef from the takeout. Sounds like a mouth full right, and I always ask for that when I ring up because I don’t actually know the real name for it! This was a little on the spicy side for me but still tasty. I obviously had to head to my local Chinese shop and pick up the cutest dragon to decorate the table, grab some chop sticks and a fortune cookie. Although who ever actually eats the cookie? Are you suppose too?

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Whats your favourite chinese dish?

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  • thefrancescadiaries

    Oooh I love a good chinese! These look delicious! I have never tried to cook them, they seem too hard! I love salt and pepper chicken wings 🙂

    F x

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