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Valentines // Perfect Date

My perfect valentines date might not be quite the same as yours. I more imagine it as a day of fun. Obviously starting off with home-made pancakes in bed with tones of syrup layered on top. obviously in the background you must have your favourite series playing, which at the moment for me is Walking Dead. Have you watched it? If you haven’t get straight onto it now. Then its about time to move onto the sofa. You didn’t think I was going to go far did you! A full day of eating treats and lying on the sofa is my perfect valentines day! It’s not until about 4pm that I will actually think about getting ready. And don’t worry, if you know me at all, you know I’m not getting ready for a crazy night out on the town. This may be a little shock to you all but I don’t drink. Yep that’s right, I don’t drink alcohol, I think that’s for another post some other time.

Well my kind of valentines day which would be a romantic meal in a nice quite restaurant, if you can find one on valentine’s day. Then take a nice walk along the seafront. Head home with a movie and sweets. Voila the perfect valentines date. So the outfit would be something not too dressy but still smart. I’ve shopped and shopped and shopped online to find the perfect date outfit. I found these gorgeous Ego boots, which I decided would be the main feature of the outfit. They are in the style Ivy in a gorgeous grey shade. With knee-high’s being all the rage this season it seemed only right to include them in this post. And for only £34.99 you really can’t go wrong!! Ego do a huge range off knee high boots which you can find here. Although I think these boots would look amazing matched with a dress, with my idea of going on a nice beach walk I thought it would be a little too cold.  I found these gorgeous jeans from asos and thought it would look amazing. I decided to not take too much away from the boots with the top I chose so went for this super simple white body. It would look pretty sophisticated but not too dressy. To finish the whole outfit I went for a trench coat, this particular one would go amazing with the whole outfit.

_mg_6727_1 PicMonkey Collage


What would your perfect outfit be for a valentines date?

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