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Mac // Lips #1

Mac is one of those brands that I just love. Everything I try I seem to fall in love with, if it’s not straight away then its a few weeks down the line. They constantly have new lines added but keep the old ones going strong. Their lip products are by far one of my favourite things they do, although I do love most everything but seem to use their lip products a lot more than any other. I thought I’d include a little series to CharlotteSamantha showing you my full Mac collection but starting with a product type at a time. That way I can talk about certain ones in-depth without feeling that you are going to get bored and run off half way through. However I do need to stop talk shit and get too it.

For the lipsticks I’ve sectioned them out into colour groups including Nudes, Purples, Pink and Reds.I have also swatched each one, so you can really see the colour. Bare in mind that the flash was on when I took these photos! Lets start with my favourite group which is the nudes.

IMG_4158 IMG_4161 IMG_4168Left to Right
Creme Cup (cremesheen), Soft Saviour (lustre), Please Me ( matte), Syrup (lustre), Velvet Teddy (matte), Twig (satin)

Creme Cup is actually the first ever lipstick I bought from mac, true story that I actually got my mum to go up the counter to ask for it as I was too shy to actually step up to the amazing mac makeup artist stood at the  counter. This is a very soft pink shade which I am sure you are all pretty much aware off. Its one that most people have but is still a goodie to me. Next we have Soft Saviour which is out of 2015 Christmas collection, I haven’t really used this one much yet. But I am excited to take it out for a spin come valentines days. Please Me is another of their Christmas collection which again I haven’t really used much yet. This one is slightly more pinky than the last two. Syrup is one that I have used and used and used, it is such an everyday shade, one that you can throw on your lips no matter what you are wearing. Its super moisturizing, and is one I tend to keep in my handbag at all times. Velvet Teddy is another that I am sure you are all familiar with, the famous Kylie Jenner was wearing, so everyone including myself just had to buy it. The last in the nudes is Twig which is very similar to Velvet Teddy just a little more brown to it and is more off a silky finish with Velvet Teddy being a matte shade. My favourite out of these are Syrup, Velvet Teddy and Twig. Although I love them all these three seem to be the ones I tend to go for more.

IMG_4170 IMG_4179 IMG_4171Left to Right
Up the Amp (amplified), Everything Rendezvous (matte), Rebel (satin)

Up The Amp, this one is probably the most pinky purply out of the three of them. I love wearing this one too parties with a nice white dress. Making the lips the statement. Everything rendezvous, again another of the 2015 Christmas collection that I haven’t used  a lot yet, but this one is kind of the same as the previous shade but darker. Which I love!! Rebel is the last in this collection, and my absolute favourite. Although it looks super scary in the tube it is actually the most amazing berry colour ever! You will see me wearing this a lot on any of my insta photos!

IMG_4191 IMG_4194Left to Right
Costa Chic (frost), No Faux Pass (matte), Lady Danger (matte), Opera (matte)

Now onto the reds and pinks, starting with the pink shades we have Costa Chic which is probably the one Mac lipstick that I just don’t get a long with at the moment. I think the colour is gorgeous but with it being a frost finish it just doesn’t sit well on my lips. I feel as though when I wear it out I have to reapply and reapply all day. Next we have No Faux Pass which was from 2014 Christmas collection. I love how vibrant this one is but I do only tend to bring this one out for parties. Lady Danger is the first red which is a typical red mac colour, I wear this a lot during the festive period and with it being a matte finish it lasts all day long. Then we have Opera which is a darker toned red. I love this on just as much as the previous one!! It has such a lovely finish and really does stay on all day long. No Faux Pass and Opera are my favourites in this littler section.


P.S Keep an eye out for part 2 off my Mac Lips

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