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Thoughtful Thursday #1


Something I rarely talk about is my life and what I have been getting up to. But today I thought it would introduce this to my little space on the web and talk about what I have been getting up to on a Thursday. Just to give you a little insight to my life, its not going to be bright and breezy every week so don’t expect it to¬† be a jolly post every week. Ill stop babbling and show you what I have been getting up to…

Last week I went into hospital and had a cist removed from my face ( gross I know) but it had to be done. Now i’m left with a scar on my face that im having to come to terms with and not yet feeling fully myself due to it. That’s all ill talk about with this boring subject but if there is any questions you have to ask about it just leave it in the comments below!

Now onto a more happier subject, my mum’s birthday. She is actually going to be in London to celebrate¬†her birthday so I thought id make her a meal and give her the presents last night. I made her a ceaser salad because its her favourite! Apart from that, I have just started going back to work after being in hospital so a boring little old week for me. What have you been doing this week?





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