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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Blush Palette

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With the big fuss over Makeup Revolution products I knew it was about time that I finally got my hands on some of their products. I have been on there website previous to this and found it a little hard to pick the things that I wanted as there where so many different thing available and so much hype about all the different products. I also felt a little overwhelmed with the website and felt as though I needed to see the items in front of me to fully decide what I actually wanted. With that in mind I kept looking out for a Makeup Revolution stands in my local Superdrug but could never seem to find one. Last weekend when I was in Glasgow I was desperate for a drink so popped into Superdrug and there before I saw a Makeup Revolution stand, of course I ran over with excitement to see what I wanted to pick up. I was in a little bit of a hurry so couldn’t take me time looking through all the different products, so instead I picked up two of the things that I knew I wanted to use. These where both the Blush Palettes one in the shade Hot Spice and the other in the shade Golden Sugar. At the small price of £6.00 each I am sure these wouldnt break the bank, that’s the other reason why I love this brand so much.

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The first one that I had my eye on was Golden Sugar, although this is a blush palette I’ll be using it for highlighting and contouring. I think it has some amazing shades in that will work amazing to bronze or contour the face, although most of them are shimmery there is one matte cool brown shade which will look amazing to define the cheek bones. The bright golden/white colour in this palette is my favourite, this will be my got to highlighter in the summer I am sure. With its amazing shimmer which will add that touch of sparkle that everyone needs in the summer. This palette is super pigmented and I am so excited to start fully playing with it, I don’t know why it took me so long to add this palette to my collection.

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The other palette I bought in the shade Hot Spice is also very pigmented however with this one I found the products a lot more chalky, im not sure why this was but it doesn’t stop me from loving this palette. It just means you have got to a be a little more light handed when using the brush to apply this product, just to make sure that you don’t waste too much product. I love how bright these blushes are, there are some that are super bold and others that are a little lighter on the face. All shades are super build able so if bright blush isnt your thing then using it with a light hand is no problem.

These palettes have definitely made me realise how good Makeup Revolution is and I will 100% be purchasing some of this brands items. First on my list is the Protection Palette or the Ultra Brow or the Amazing Lipliner collection. There is just too many things that I want to get my hands on!




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