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Mac // Lips # 2

As promised there would be a part two to the Mac Lips post. I was originally going to put them all together, but then once I had finished expressing my love for the lipsticks I decided it was then going to be too much of a long post to put it all in one. So here we are talking about lip gloss and lip liners. The two mac products for the lips that I just simply do not have enough off. I know it’s really the only two products left for the lips but still. A girl can never have enough lip products, right?

Lets start with the lip glosses, a new addition to my Mac collection. I’m not a huge lip gloss girl normally, I have super long hair so walking in the wind with lip gloss does not match. I end up with hair gloss instead. Not the most attractive look. But when I got the Mac 2015 Christmas collection lip gloss box in the shade in Pink. The other that is in slightly different packaging was also in a 2015 Christmas Collection Enchanted Eve Lip and Eye bag. I have to say I am super impressed with how long these last, how un sticky they are. I know, english please Charlotte. I can walk in a gale and my hair stays away from my lips. Its amazing. I think I will definitely be adding to this lip gloss collection in the near future. I just hope anyway!

IMG_4201 IMG_4203 IMG_4209 IMG_4212Left to Right
Sugarrimmed, Color Saturation, Creme Anglaise, Life Fantastic, Just Superb.

Obviously the last thing we have to talk about is lip liners, the one thing i never thought was important until I would say the middle of last year when I was wearing a bright red lip and it smudge all over. Again like the lip glosses, I don’t have too many of these. But the collection will be slowly building and building. At the moment I have three in my collection which I use pretty much everyday. Even if the colour is not a total match I will mix it up with the lipstick just to make sure I can get this on. Since using these Mac lip liners, I have bought others from the drugstore, I know I’m not American but what on earth do you call boots and superdrug etc. And they have been nowhere near as good as these ones, so I will be adding to this as the year goes on.

IMG_4b,jhbjhb216 IMG_4220Left to Right
Ruby Woo, Soar, Fruit Cocktail


P.s have you seen my first addition to Mac’s Lip collection?

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