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LOST // Where Have You Been

I went again. I am totally famous for this whole disappearing act. I get my act together over at CharlotteSamantha and then bam. I’m gone. Just like that. Normally for around a week or so then im back. To be honest I am totally sick of the whole disappearing act so have decided that rather than telling myself I will blog this day at this time, I’ll blog as and when I feel like it. So if I get home from work and have a sudden hit of inspiration, ill blog and post it there and then. Or if I am on a roll with posts I’ll save them as a draft then when I do have those off weeks, I’ve got a few backed up and you don’t think im gone for good.

The last few weeks I have been a little M.I.A due to this silly bug that is hanging around everyone. It’s a cold that just simply does not go. No matter how many Cold and Flu tablets I take, it’s still there. TMI, but I blow my nose, but it’s still there. Its one of those bugs that pulls your whole body down with it. There is nothing that can help it and nothing that makes it better. I tried to fight it in the beginning, keep at works keep going to the gym. Of course that only made me 10x worse. So ended up with a day off work tucked up in bed. I would say I enjoyed it if it made me feel any better but the next day I woke up still feeling the same. Yeah, in a nutshell that’s where I have been. My social media has also been lost, but for a slightly different reason. I broke my phone. Yep you heard it here first. The girl who has never broken a phone in her life and bragged about that too her boyfriend who always breaks things. Then caboosH. It never turned on again. Although I was sad about this I did actually manage to get a new one, and now have a trusty Iphone in my life. Welcome me, I know its amazing right.

Now you can come say hi to me over at twitter and instagram. Where I am sure I’ll be posting a hell of a lot more now I have a pretty rose gold iphone. Oh did I forget to mention that after I bought my phone I went straight to Topshop to buy a skinny dip cover and only went and bought the wrong one. So now I am stuck with an iphone 6 case with an iphone 6plus. Yey me!



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