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The Power Of Social MediaSocial media is such a powerful phenomenon. It’s what shapes so many of our lives. Without really realising we end up living a life through a small profile, taking photos of things that we think others will love. Sharing our own thoughts for thousands of others too see. I’m not by any means saying its a bad thing, but I think sometimes we don’t really see the power that it has over us. We don’t just take a photo, upload it and we are good to go. 10s of photos are taken, each one scrutinised. Finding faults with our own body, picking away at the shadow that has been cast over the eggs Benedict we ate for breakfast. Editing it, to make the shadow disappear and to remove that blemish that we see. And I’m not saying that I don’t think we should do this, because I am too guilty of all these things. I don’t want to share the bad things in my life only the good. I don’t want to share the bowl of coco pops I had for breakfast this morning, because for me nobody wants to reach that point. People want to look to social media to make them feel better. To give them a goal to work for. For me social media is inspiration, but then it puts me down. When Im sat eating a whole easter egg that was actually bought for my mom, and I see someone looking amazing posing, having fun on a beach somewhere half way around the world. But I don’t put down the easter egg, I keep going. Because nobody sees that side of me. They only see the things I post.

The Power Of Social Media 2

Social Media has its pros and its cons, don’t worry I’m not about to sit and list them all too you. And I am not being contradictory as you may be sitting thinking but you post all day long on your social media. Promoting your blog and your life. All I want to make you aware of is the world away from social media. Just take a step back, a night off. Dont be looking up to all those other people who have more than you, or look better than you. Because they are just looking at better versions of themselves thinking the same thing. Social media can be a vicious circle for many of us. One minute we are looking at a Victoria Secret model, telling ourselves that by next week we will look like that. Then we scroll down to the next photo and find an amazing looking burger, with a huge portion of fries laid down next to it. The next thing you know, your on your way to the nearest fast food place and getting yourself a burger that looks that good. I love social media which is one of the main reasons why I blog, I love the feeling it gives me, the community you can meet. But just remember there is more to life than just social media. There are things out there that you don’t need to post. Just live your life and love it. Dont be worrying about what other people think. If you took a photo and you can see your blemishes, or you can see that shadow over your bowl of coco pops, post it. Because that is a meaning to your life. Not everyone elses yours.


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  • stylelobster

    Great little post. I love/hate social media. It consumes me because my job lives and dies around it but I feel like in many ways its a means to and end and sometimes I lived by the art of letter writing from years ago xx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Yeah thats how I feel about it!! There are so many stigmas attached to it and we really do get swallowed up into it but I love the unknown end to it, meeting new people and a sense of society I get from it to ox

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