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The Girl On The Train Review 2

I go through phases of reading. Some weeks I will read everynight before I go to sleep, others I will dismiss the amazing story that is hidden under the front cover. But each day I long for a good book to read, something that I wake up thinking, I cant wait to sit down and read that again. A book that makes me actually want to get the bus to work so it gives me an extra five minutes to read to the next chapter. Have you ever got obsessed with a book so much so that you dont put it down, then you stop having the time to read, the book gathers dust and you just forget about it for a while. Then a few weeks later when you finally get a minute to sit and read you get obsessed once more and tell yourself you have to read it until its finished this time. Thats what happened when I was reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.

To summarise this book, I would say its a thriller but not scray enough to keep you up all night. Which is what I like in a book. I dont want to be scared but I want to be left wanting more. I got a huge shock with this one too. An unepected twist which I really wasnt expecting. If you like Gone Girl, Before I Go To Sleep or The Grown Up, then you will love this.

DISCLAIMER!! If you want to read this without finding out too much, dont scroll down! I warned you!


The Girl On The Train Review The Girl On The Train Review 3





If you got this far, you have either already read it and want to know my opinion or you just want to know what I think without having to read it. Either way Hello!

When I first started reading this book I was a little dubious if I was actually going to enjoy the story line. But once you get through the first few chapters you will be hooked. I noted my theory while I was reading it so I could share it with you. I haven’t put any chapters etc on these just notes that I wrote down.

  1. Rachel has issues with her past
  2. Is Rachel dead?
  3. Rachels ex husband has another women, who hates Rachel
  4. Tom still loves Rachel
  5. Rachel killed the girl who is missing?
  6. Rachel was having an affair with Scott
  7. Scott killed Megan because she was prgenant
  8. Megan’s councillor killed her because it was his baby
  9. Tom is jealous that Rachel is with Scott
  10. Tom killed Megan!!
  11. I was right!!!!


What where your thoughts on this book?


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