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Forgotten Make-Up  4When I think back to when I first started blogging, there was a certain few products that everyone was raving about and then suddenly they have vanished. Obviously I understand that certain things people love, then they find new loves. But I was playing around with my make-up draws a couple of weeks ago when I came across a few things that I use to love so much. And if I let you into a little secret I have started playing with them all again. That’s the thing about make-up, you can use products in so many different ways, which means that if you stop using a certain item for a certain look, later on you can use it to create something different. It’s up to you as the creator. Although I must add, not all of these are ones that people have raved about, but are some that I have just loved and loved but just totally forgot they existed.

Starting with the only foundation product, which is the Estee Lauder Double Wear. This use to be my holy grail foundation. If I needed to cover something up, I would pop this on and felt like I had the skin to die for, which if any of you have read my morning skin care routine, you will know I have battled with bad skin for years now. I wore mine in Cool Bone, which if I’m honest is the total wrong shade for me now, but I have still tried to pull it off th last few weeks by adding a little bit of bronzer over the top. Speaking of bronzer, did you like how I did that smooth transition. Do you remember the craze of the Borjois Chocolate bronzer. This stuff smells amazing. Like honestly when you smell this it smells good enough to eat. I don’t know about you but if you use this or use to use this did you ever feel like the product just doesn’t go down no matter how much you use it!

I had to include a concealer, as they are my life. I have to carry one around with me for that unexpected day when one of our not so friendly, friends pop up. A one that I use to hear so much about was the Mac Studio Finish, I used mine in NC15 which is suuuuper pale for me now. But is a great under eye brightner. The only thing I would say about this one is that it is very drying. So if you suffer from dry skin, don’t be tempted to reinvest. While we are on the subject of highlighting, something that I use to use all the time and this is actually my second of these is the Benefit High Brow. This is basically a creamy/pink pencil which you put just under your brows to give them a super defined look. I now tend to go for a powdered product but this use to my best friend. For the eyes the only product I really have to mention is the Loreal Colour Infallible pigment in the shade Hourglass Beige, I don’t know if this is just one of the ones I used a lot or if people loved these. But I remember going through a phase of not being able to put this down. I loved how shimmery it was and how amazing it looked on the skin. Now when I get it out of my draw I get scared at the amount of shimmer that’s on it. The last product I have to talk about was probably one of the things that I used for the longest out of all of these. And that is The Body Shop Lip butter, I have one in the scent Strawberry but I’m sure at one point I have them in all the scents. There is just something about these that remind me of secondary school. It was one of those products for me that if I didn’t have one on me, then I felt scared. Stupid I know, but it was just a need.

Do you have any products that you just couldn’t live without?


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