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I didnt know how I was going to write this post because to be honest there’s not much to say other than, explore. For me New York was one of the most surreal places I have ever visited, take what everyone has told you and multiply it by 75987405740. Honestly there are no words I can use to describe this place and I think you should take the city as it comes to you. We planed our days from start to finish and didnt stick to a full day once, there are so many things going on that you can literally walk out your hotel room and find something amazing. Of course you would be silly not to do a little bit of research and lets face it if you tell someone youre going to New York they are going to tell you about all the amazing places they found but you just got to do the exploring all on your own. Instead of filling you with lots of information I thought I would more base this post around all the snaps I got along the way. Warning, lots and lots of cliche New York shots coming up!!

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