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I feel as though if you are reading any blog right now one of the top posts is ‘Why I Love Autumn’. It made me ask myself do I really want to write one myself because everyone seems to be doing it but I thought I would do it slightly different. Rather than writing about the things I love about autumn, although there may be a few hints through out the post, I thought I would talk about my plans for Autumn and share with you some of the things Id like to achieve/ do in Autumn. And Im going to be real with you, Autumn for me is from now until the end of November. Its then Christmas, yes I said the C word, and that then means that its winter!


The biggest thing for me this Autumn is actually moving out of my current flat. Since I said YES to Alex and I am now a fiancee, eeeeeek, we decided it was about time we start making real adult choices. So we areĀ  moving in with my mam and dad to save up to buy our own house. I know super excited/scary/crazy times right. This means I finally have to build up the courage and say no to make-up products and those boots that keep screaming at me to buy them.

De-clutter, with the move looming near I feel like I need to de-clutter the flat of things that I really don’t need/use. I will have less than half the amount of space I have at the flat currently compared to what I will have staying at my mam and dads, so we really need to cut back. In that I would like to do a carboot sale, I haven’t done this since I was little and always remember coming home with my pennies in my pocket thinking I was a millionaire.

Now for the goals Id like to achieve, I am back on to Slimming World and I am hoping I can lose half a stone within autumn. I know this is a really silly plan to admit to but I am wanting to get down to a weight I am happy with and then once Christmas is here, twice in one post I know, I can binge all I want to start it back up again in January. I don’t want to feel like I cant have the festive treats, because lets face it Christmas is for binge eating. Lets hope there is a big tick next to that one.

The other thing I would love to do is go on a lot more walks. There is nothing better than putting on thousands of layers, hats, scarves and gloves and going for a lovely long walk. Honestly Im not sure if its the walk that I love or the hot chocolate or coffee I have once I am back home. But I thought if I tell myself we are going to walk more that will help with the weight lose Id like to achieve.

CharlotteSamantha, OX