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Beauty // 4 Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid Lipsticks are definitely not new on the beauty scene but it took me a while to get myself some, to be honest I dont know why because lip products seem to be the thing that I slightly binge on. Anyway, I finally got my hands on four that I am non stop wearing. Of course all nude, because I’m just that kind of typical girl. But who cares I like what I like. I love that liquid lipsticks have a much longer staying power than your average lipstick, some more than other but generally they all stay on a lot longer. Meaning a lot less touching up and reapplying during the say, aint nobody got time for that! 


I got two of mine while pursuing the NYX counter whilst I was away in Leeds, the other two I picked up from New York which you would have seen in my New York Beauty Haul here. Make sure you read it! Everyone has such a gorgeous finish and doesnt leave the lips feeling dry or too sticky. Theres nothing worse than wearing a gloss that sticks your lips together! I did find them a little harder to apply than your average lipstick but its just practice and after a few applications I felt like I was a pro. One thing I would recommend is to apply this with a super steady hand and make sure you dont have too much on your applicator as this is when you’re probably going to smudge it above your lip. Then you end up with a look like you have been kissing someone for a super long time rather than a sleek lip look. 4-liquid-lipsticks-1

My absolute fav is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Dusty Rose, I love the texture of this the most as it feels almost like satin, I also adore the colour! It goes with pretty much any make-up look, can be worn as a day time lip or even a night time with a super dark smokey eye. This one tends to last me around 3/4 hours during the day, whilst drinking, although baring in mind I do tend to use a straw when I drink. The application is then super simple as it drys the same colour as what is already on your lips. Next is the Lime Crime Liquid Matte Lipstick in Polly, the only one thing I have to say about this is that this does feel slightly drying and tends to rub off a lot quicker, which means it needs more applications during the day, although no where near as many as a normal lipsticks would. I do love the colour of this one, its the most pink shade I have out of all four. Another thing with this one is that it does dry a lot slower than the others which you can see from the swatch photo above. The two NYX shades I got are Teddy which is the darkest out of the two and Embellishment. I knew I wanted to try these as I had been eyeing them up since there release. These are an amazing affordable option for a liquid lipstick and work just as well as the other two, which I have to say where a lot more expensive!


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