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I’m much more a full coverage kind of gal rather than just using a bb cream or super thing foundation. Although Id love to be able to just add a smooching of light foundation over my whole face and walk out the door, but some girls where just not made for that kind of look. With my recent trip to New York I have been using some new products and they are creating an amazing full coverage finish, without being too cakey or drying. My make-up still looks pretty natural look, which personally is my favourite kind.


Obviously after my morning skin care routine, do you want a post about it?, I start with the NYX Angel Veil primer. I love this step soso much, I use to use silicone based primers but found they dried my skin out far too much, so this cream primer is amazing. When I have a day without this on I really notice a difference on the staying power of my make-up. I have then been loving using my new love the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea foundation which I have in the shade Light Sand. When I first got this I didn’t know how to apply it, with it being a droplet. Did I put it on the back of my hand but then I thought I’m probably going to waste half of the foundation on my hand. So I decided to actually drop the foundation on my face. This then leads to me taking various positions to make sure that the foundation doesn’t dribble off my face. This comes with some serious skill set, let me tell you. There should be an award for it! Any-who, once I have completed all the sports competitions possible to keep the foundation on my face I start in the centre and blend the foundation out until I am super happy with the coverage. If I feel as though it’s not covering my not so pretty areas, I will of course add a little more. Blending this out with the rest of my face. I never add too much foundation as it is of course so much easier to add foundation rather than get rid of it once you have put it on. Tell that to 13-year-old me and I would have told you otherwise mind! I then take which ever concealer I am using at that time that matches me foundation, I use a small concealer brush to blend this over my delicate areas. By delicate I mean crater size spots that look like they are about to erupt at any second, too much information? Never. I then go over this with my damp (I really hate that word, along with moist it must be near the top for my most hated words) beauty blender and make sure there are no lines where I have placed my concealer and where my foundation is.


Next its time to add a little bit definition to my face, a girls gotta look like she slept last night. Currently I am using the Kat Von D Lock It concealer in the shade Neutral, for all you British girlies on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you that we can now get this in the UK! I apply this under my eyes in a v shape, in the middle of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose. I then blend this out with my beauty blender until it is fully blended in. This helps to make my face a little more awake. The coffee helps to though! To set this all in place I have been using the Make-Up Forever High Definition Powder, I use a smaller brush to pat under my eyes and anywhere I have placed the lighter concealer. Then I take a bigger fluffier brush and sweep this around the whole of my face. I didn’t use to wear powder over the full face but I have found that by doing this my make-up tends to last all day rather than half the day. I also much prefer the loose powder rather than pressed as I find it applies to my skin a lot smoother and I’m not left with any drying to my skin. The last step for me is to spray my face with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, I swear by this little beauty for a full coverage look that will last you all night. You should all know by now I am not a party girl and will never be. But sometimes its nice to pretend I’m getting all dressed up, once my make-up is done pop on my pjs and sit on the sofa with the biggest pizza ever. And even the grease from the pizza doesn’t move my make-up, that’s when you know it’s a goodun.


CharlotteSamantha, OX




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