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Interview Tips

Ive gone through a few different Interviews in the past year and thought it would be a good idea to share with you my experience on these and the tips ive brought from my first interview to my last. For those of you who have never been for an interview it can definitely be daunting. The idea of going to talk to someone who wants to know more about you but what you say will depend on weather they take you on or you get a place really scared me. So why not share my experience with you to stop all that scary non sense!

1. Prepare.
When I first went for my first ever interview I went totally unprepared. I knew nothing about the company I was applying for or what my roles where in the job. Although they are not going to quiz you on your knowledge of the company, its always good to know a little bit about them. Then you can relate to this in your interview questions and that will certainly impress them! Even if there isnt much to find out about the company, think about your job role. How will you apply previous things you have done to this role.

That brings me on to your experience. If it is your first interview, it is likely that you havent had a job before. This is fine. You still have experience in other things you have done. For example, where you on any type of Student council in School. Have you done any works experience in school? Little things that can contribute towards your new job.

Your look when you go for your interview means a lot. Look professional, even if you are going to an interview where in the job you will be wearing jeans, dont go in jeans. If your a girl wear a nice, professional dress or if you are a boy wear trousers and a shirt. Depending on the type of job your applying for, you dont want to go too dressed, just think about what would look good to the person who is interviewing you. As for the timing, dont arrive two minutes before your interview. You want to look keen, you want to look like you want to know about the company itself. I always try to go 10/15 minutes prior to my interview. This shows you have good time management.

4.The Interview
When you get into the interview dont look too tense but dont be too relaxed. Try to mirror how the person interviewing you is sitting. Obviously dont move every time they do and exactly the same, but the attitude the interviewer holds should rub off on you. Be polite, dont act too shy, remember your selling yourself to them! When your interview dont be afraid to ask questions. Normally once your time is up, they will ask if you have any questions for them, dont be scared to ask anything you want!

Once it is over shake their hand and thank them for their time, let them know you are looking forward to finding out the outcome. Ask for feedback if they tell you there and then if you have the job.

What tips would you give people for getting a job interview?



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