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Halloween – Gothic Make-up


If your just heading out on halloween and not getting dressed up, maybe you have last minute plans or are not the kinda person who likes to get dressed up why not create this dark, gothic make-up look that is very simple and quick to do.

Apply your base as you normally would, if you want to create more of a spooky look you could whiten your foundation or even choose a lighter foundation than what you would normally wear. The eyes are going to be the main part of the look, you wanna make sure that they are primed underneath and all over the lid. I always find it easier to add tape to the outer corners of my eyes so I can create a really sharp edge to the eye make-up, this is option you might be a pro! I then took a sparkly muted red and applied this to the middle of my lid blending it out towards the outer edge of my eye. I packed on this colour so it was really bright. Then I took a matte black and applied this to the outer part of my lid, dont worry if you go over the tape, thats why its there! Blend this slightly into the red. Take a bright white and apply this into the inner eye. This will really make the red and black stand out. I then took a gel liner and lined just about my top lashes. Again taking the red, use a small brush to line your lower lash line, also add a black liner to your lower water line. I then applied lashings and lashings of mascara, youve always got to have big eyes. If you used the tape remove it now and you will notice the amazing straight edge it gives you.
I paid this with a darkdark red, to achieve this I took a black liner and lined my lips then took the dark red and blended it all together. I didnt want to add any blush to this, but if your a girl who needs her blush go for it! Add it to your party frock and off out you go! Nice and simple but dramatic for halloween.

DSCF1841 DSCF1842 DSCF1847

What do you use to make yourself look spooky for halloween?




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