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Favourites // January Edit

IMG_4094 IMG_4098One month of the year over and I have stay I think this has been one of my favourite January’s yet. I started the year feeling super positive and ready for an amazing year and it really has started with a bang. I have so much lined up for the upcoming months that I literally can’t sit still for a minute. If I do then I’m probably sound asleep with no idea what is going on around me. January for me was a month of finding things that I truly love, which if you have read my New Years Goals post you will know that was one of my main aims this year. To focus on me. The things I love. The people I love. Finding the balance between the things that ‘Need’ to be done and the things that make me happy. So far I am definitely on the right track so lets just hope February brings me the same. This post does contain a few limited edition things that I got for Christmas but I will try to link an alternative that is similar. Sorry!


There are only a few things in this section this month as I have been tending to reach for things I know I love rather than trying out anything new. Which I know I could technically pop them into this post but I’ve talked about them so many times already I don’t want to bore you with them. My up most favourite product of the whole month out of everything was the body wash I have been using from Lush. The most disappointing thing about this is that its limited edition, and unless your local store stocked up then there is probably non left. Twilight shower gel, this stuff smells incredible. It’s a very sweet scent with lavender and malt notes, it smells like heaven. To be honest I wouldn’t normally be such a sweet kind of person but this reminds me of something from being little, so as soon as I smelt it I was hooked. Just regretting not buying the bigger bottle now. Although you can find a smaller bottle in the Relax gift set. After I have jumped out of the shower, not literally I must add. Id probably be sat in hospital if that was the case. I’ve been loving using The Body Shop Body Butter in the scent Shea. I normally go for the coconut scented one if I ever buy myself a pot but I got this one in my advent calender and have been loving it. It obviously hasn’t lasted me the full month considering the size of it, I got a whole lotta body to put this on you know! But I would definitely be swaying more towards this one in the future. It is a little more sweeter than the coconut one which clearly I am loving all the sweet things this month. Maybe I am making up for it in products because I’m not allowed to eat anything sweet. The last skincare product of the month is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in the limited edition scent Sweet Orange and Mint. Yet again another sweet thing, I need to calm it, don’t I? I normally use the normal one but for christmas I was bought this little mini. I am in love.  I mean I’d use the normal one again but if I an ever get my hands on this one it will be 100% stocked up on. There is just something about the sweet orange mixed with the mint that I just love. It does exactly the same job as the normal but you know. Youre allowed to spice it up a little. Although you can’t get this one at the moment, they do have a different limited edition one out which is the Rose and Cedrat.

IMG_4113 IMG_4115Beauty

There is only two little products in this one, one of which is a complete oldy which I have totally fallen in love with again. The other a new edition but something I’m loving lots. Lets start with the new, Mac Holiday Palette in the shade Pinkluxe. The palette contains five pink and purple shades ranging from dark to light, I wouldn’t say I am usually the typical gal who pops on bright colours like this. But for the most part of January I have been grabbing this and creating a gorgeous colourful smoky eye. The shades are super pigmented and last all day. You can actually still get your hands on this palette on its own, here. So make sure you grab them while they last, this one makes a great palette for valentines. The oldie is my L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, I used to use this literally everyday. With a spare in my make-up draw, which was only one draw back then. I picked this up on a whim when there was a 3 for  offer in Boots a few months ago, started using it and hated it. I thought it clumped my lashes together it didn’t give me and volume etcetc. Then I gave it another go at the start of january when I was clearing my make-up out, I was transformed. Not only did it give me amazing volume but it also separated my lashes completely, made them stand out and where extremely black. I have now been using it everyday and I’m scared to pick up a different one.


With my bid to start healthier in 2016 a lot has changed. This would usually be filled with my new favourite chocolate, cake and takeaway of the month. But I have waved goodbye to that and now it’s filled with more of the good stuff. I am a snacker, I love to snack and would choose a full day of snacking over meals any day. Not that I am trying to be healthy that’s out of the window and snacks are becoming harder and harder to get my hands on. However, I have found one that I am completely obsessed with and have actually had to stop buying because I am eating so much off and will probably turn green from eating so many. Snapeas, not the vegetable itself but the crisp version. Yes, peas made into crisps. They are kind of like a wotsit but made out of a pea and come in a variety of flavours. You can get them on Tesco, here but I have been picking them up from Aldi for only 99p!! This one may come as a surprise to you but my last favourite of January is the gym. I know, you all need to sit down. I started January scared of the gym, scared of what people thought when I was at the gym and scared of actually pushing myself to achieve goals. I now look forward to getting to the gym and pushing myself even further than the time before. Seeing what I am capable off and feeling good in myself when I stumble out. I think my advice would be to anyone who feels the same way as I did, is to just push yourself. Don’t worry what other people think, chances are they don’t even know you are there. If you start to ache keep going, don’t stop. Push yourself until you absolutely feel like you need to stop. Then when you next go, push yourself further. You wont get to where you want to be by standing around watching other people push themselves.


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  • Charlotte

    body butters are amazing from the body shop, try out the strawberry ones, they smell amazing! Those shades in that palette are lovely!
    Charlotte /

  • Maireem

    Love the palette! The colors are stunning for Valentines 🙂 -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • veebz boo

    That M.A.C palette is so stunning! I really want to pick one up, but I never take the time to choose one. Also I love what you said about, not standing back and watching others achieve what they want. That’s such a positive note to end your post on, especially as we’ve just entered a new year.:) – Fashion Haul – ZARA

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