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Favourites // February Edit

IMG_4712Id never really thought about it before, until now obviously, that there are certain things I use more of in certain months. Before blogging about my monthly favourites I probably never even really gave it a thought, I just went a long with life as if it was normal, but in reality we really do choose to use certain things in certain months. February is always a strange one for me. It’s the shortest and the most boring in my opinion. The shops are always full of valentines crap, if you didn’t guess im not a huge fan of valentines either. Why should you show the person you love that you love them one day a year, surely you should be doing that everyday? Hey Ho. The sales have gone, you’re not sure if its winter or spring, although in my mind it is 100% spring. Trying to get by after the credit card bills have been paid off from Christmas. Of course with that being said, this one is definitely a shorter favourites than usual.

IMG_4719Beauty // This is usual the biggest part of my favourites but I really don’t think it is this time. Although I love make-up and everything about it. I have been on a little mission to try to use up what I have before buying any more. Okay, there are a few bits that I bought, but nowhere near as much as usual. The first favourite, is actually something I reviewed in a blog post here. I am pretty much obsessed, it is the Maybelline Dream Touch foundation, mine is in the shade Ivory. This is one of the best I have used in a long time. I have heard mixed reviews, but for me from the texture, to the application to the durability. But you can read more about it here. Next is something we have all been raving over for the past month or so, actually it has probably been since mid january. Of course, I had to get my hands on one of the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which I got in the shade Dance With Me. This is incredible. When I first got it I found it hard to apply but after a little bit of practice it was amazing. Another Maybelline product I have been reaching for almost everyday is The Blushed Nudes palette, this has soo many spring shades in which I think it what is making me reach for this day in day out. Can you tell I am ready for spring yet? I’ve been using the most neutral shades in the palette just to add a little bit of colour to my lids for my everyday work wear. The last beauty feature is an oldie, you knew there had to be one. It may come as a surprise, or not, but this month it has been the Nars Laguna Bronzer. I have been wearing this non stop, all off a sudden I feel like I can wear this everyday without it looking too much. I had a little bit of a love hate relationship with this palette going for months on end with it at the back of my draw, now it is taking pride of place right up front.

IMG_4711ETC // This month this has to be my favourite part, these have been my top favourites this month. My new phone has to be up there as the favourite of the month. If you don’t know, I just got the Iphone 6s plus in rose gold and I bloody love it. Two years ago I went from an iPhone to a Samsung and I have never hated a phone so much ever. It lagged, it didn’t have the apps I wanted, it was slow it was just horrible. But now I have my little iPhone back and I am happier than ever. Two apps that I am constantly using is Snap Chat, it seems to making its way back into all off our lives, with the story you can now create. I just love it, I love being able to see a little snippet into people’s lives that I maybe would never have seen before. OR maybe that is just my nosey side coming out. Add me username is charlotteridg. The other is instagram, which if you’re not following click this link and do it, now! Only joking, but really do hit the follow button. I am posting at least once a day, I say at least but it is more like 3/4 times a day and I am loving it. My other random is the Walking Dead, I don’t know if I have mentioned this program before but this has taken a spot in my life-like no other program. We started watching this mid january and we are now up to series 4, I get home from work excited for the minute I get snuggled up on the sofa and get the Walking Dead on. I don’t want to say too much about it for any of you who are wanting to watch it but if you’re not watching it, make it the next one on your list.

Blogs // A new little addition to this months favourites is a couple of blogs that I have been loving, the kind that you check every couple of days to see if they have posted a new post. The first is O is for Ottilie, I have only recently been following this girl but since I found her I have been loving her blog! The second is Rhianna from Robowecop, I have been following her for a while now and lust over her instagram far too much!


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