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Review // Firmoo Sunglasses

IMG_4547 IMG_4633I was recently contacted by the lovely Laura at Firmoo, which is an online worldwide glasses shop. They range from sunglasses and prescription glasses for men and women. They come in a range of style, colours and sizes so they really do have something for everyone.

IMG_4550Once you are on the website you can look through all the styles that you may be interested in, then once you have found a pair or two or three. I had 10 tabs open with all the ones I loved on. You can then look at the dimensions of the glasses and there is even a try one button with in each shade. This allows you to select the image most similar to your own size face etc or upload your own photo. This way you know they are going to suit you before they arrive. You then add it too your cart, pop in your card details and then wait patiently for them too arrive on your doorstep. Mine arrived in 5 days which I think it pretty good going, I think anyway. They came in a glasses case, with a cloth to clean the lenses. In the bag there was also a soft case and a little mini screw driver inside. Lets be honest I’m never going to use that but it was such a cute little find.

IMG_4623 IMG_4622I picked the red, smallish cat eye glasses which you can find here. I loved how different these where, as a girl who normally goes for black glasses I thought these where a little different and I will definitely get my wear out of these.


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