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Fashion // Look Fashionable With Less Effort

There are many women out there who love to look fashionable. They spend a lot of money on various fashion elements to achieve it. Sometimes, things go outside their budget and they end up in a messed up situation. So for all such ladies out there, let me tell you that now it is possible to look fashionable without wearing expensive clothes or following some difficult fashion tips. Just adding a hat to your attire or simply wearing sunglasses also makes you look good. Therefore in this post, I have mentioned some tips that will help you to look fashionable with some minimal effort.

Get a motorcycle jacket
You can enhance your look simply by adding a motorcycle jacket to your outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing it with a formal gown or jeans and t-shirt or with your gym clothes. Going for a black leather jacket can be a good option but again, it is not compulsory. You can try out other options too.

Just wear jacket on shoulders
Instead of really wearing a jacket just hang them on your shoulders. No need to wear the sleeves. If you don’t have a jacket and have plans to buy one, then better try out the Pink Boutique voucher codes to get it within your budget.

Go for layers
Going for layers is a good option. This way there are fewer chances that any one piece will make you look out of place. You can have a base layer of a crop top and can keep on adding layers of a mesh shirt, a jacket and finally a coat. In the same way, you can have a leather legging under your skirt and complete the look with a belt.

Change your footwear
In case you have been wearing heels for a long time then change to flats and if you were having flats for a long time, change to heels. In simple words, just change your looks. You can find flats for less by going for Mahabis promo code.

Wear something contradictory
You can look fashionable by experimenting with contrast and proportion. You can have a long sized top with cut-off shorts or a ball skirt with a crop top. It is not just about the size, you can even try out tight with loose, dark with light and hard with soft.

Tuck it down
So whether you are wearing a tank or a sweater or a silk shirt, just grab the end of the top in front and tuck it in. The moment you do that your style quotient will rise high.

Add a hat
To have your own style you need to add up some accessories to your dress and hat will do the job in the best way. So find the one that suits your style and put it on your head. It may look a bit dramatic but then again, that is the whole point in adding it.

Go for sunglasses
Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses always with you. It really makes you look fashionable. Apart from that, it is easy to go for sunglasses rather than applying an eye makeup. So now you know that by making a little bit of effort, you can improve your looks and look fashionable for any occasion.



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  • nikkibayz

    Some great tips here. I should push myself to wear a bit of a heel more often, I’m just such a creature of comfort xD And hats too! I really suit hats but because I’ve never really worn them out and about I don’t feel comfortable in them. I should just go for it! 🙂 I also nominated you for a ‘blog award’ if you’re interested, check it out here!

    Nicole xxx

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