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20 // Things Boys Just Dont Understand

There’s just some things that those boys will just never get about us girls. We are like a different species entirely. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because I don’t know if I could live with another girls mess. Theres just something that separates us, a part from the obvious, that just made us a different type. The things that we do and say they just don’t understand. They think too literal, where as we tend to take a little bit longer to get down to the nitty-gritty, to say it how it is and really mean what we say.

  1. If we say ‘I don’t care’ we are wrong. We really DO care.
  2. If we ask you what you want to do, we really want you to say im not sure ‘What would you like to do’
  3. If you don’t agree on that, just go along with it. because we are right
  4. Never tell us we are wrong, even if you think that. A girl is never wrong
  5. If we have just painted our nails don’t ask us to do anything, we gotta wait for that to dry
  6. ‘Whatever’ really means you better do as I say
  7. If it’s that time of the month, buy us all the chocolate, don’t say anything bad and certainly do not laugh when we cry
  8. We cry alright, most days.
  9. ‘Im so fat’ 9/10 we are looking for you to say ‘Youre not babe’
  10. If we shout of you for something, that means we need you here now. Not in 5,10 minutes. NOW
  11. Our bag is full enough of our own stuff, dont ask us to carry your keys
  12. We go to the toilet together, we got to find a time to talk about you
  13. Dont try to hide anything on social media, we WILL find out
  14. We may take one selfie, but what if that’s not good enough, there must be 100 of the same pose
  15. Instagram is not a joke, this is serious shit
  16. If we ask you how an outfit looks don’t say ‘Nice’ or ‘Good’ we are better than that
  17. If we want to throw 27 decorative cushions on the bed then we will, deal with it
  18. Every wall in the house has to be white, instagram is just not that same on a colourful background
  19. We just bought a soap, but it doesn’t smell great so we will buy 90092 others
  20. One lipstick isn’t enough either, so don’t judge when we buy another in the exact same shade



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  • gsweeting96

    I know it’s a bit more intense but I feel they have 0 idea about periods. I mean come on guys scrape up on your biology and learn a little!

    • Charlotte Samantha

      yes!! I know its like ‘just get on with it’ I wish it was that simple ox

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