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A Week In Shades // Nail Polish Edit

IMG_4733 As its Sunday and of course, a Sunday is full of pampering, being lazy and eating everything in sight I thought I would show you what nail polishes I have been wearing this week. Don’t get too much of a shock when you realise there is actually five here. I work in a jewellery shop, which means I have to make sure my hands are nicely presented at all times. But with that comes opening up claps, peeling stickers off things, which of course doesn’t help keep the nail polish on my nails. 9/10 I am painting my nails every night, part of me loves it the other part of me hate the chore. Anyway enough of my rambling and more about the shades.

IMG_4731 IMG_4726 IMG_4724Some of my favourite nail polishes are the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range, I find these last on my nails for a couple of days without chipping, although when you have to clean around the house those nails are going to be chipping. I love that the texture is a little bit thicker than other polishes I have used in the past. I have featured two in this post, the first being in the shade Chilli which is a browny red shade, this is probably more of an autumn colour for me but for some reason I had to reach for it this week. The other is in the shade Chai, which is a true dark grey colour. Again most people would probably go for this in the autumn but I just love this shade so much I had to give a little bit of a whirl. The next one I went for is another grey shade but is a little more muted than the last, which is this Essie in the shade Take It Outside. How amazing is that name, I love how true it is to the shade. The next one is probably the most everyday style nail polish which is this Loreal Colour Riche in the shade Beige Countess. I love a good neutral shade and this one has been my favourite one this week, I just love how natural it looks but you can still see that I have made an effort. The last is a Ciate which I got in one of the Christmas advent calendars, which is in the shade Chinchilla. I love this pastel blue, I think I was feeling a little more like spring near the end of the week so I had to stick this one on my nails.


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