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Fashion // Jewellery Box Christmas Collection*

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If you have never heard of, have you been living under a rock!? If you have been living under said rock head over to there website now and have a look at some of their amazing pieces!! But make sure to head straight back over here, because there will giveaway news right at the end of this post where you can win yourself some of the gorgeous new Christmas collection. I love Christmas, its no surprise. I especially love being able to get all festive with jewellery and clothing. Obviously I don’t like to spend too much on my Christmas jewellery because you can only really wear it for one month out of the whole year. So when I noticed the price on some of JewelleryBox’s Christmas releases I was over the moon.

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They have a huge range available for Christmas which I love because I normally find that Christmas collections can be pretty limited, but that doesn’t please everybody because lets face it we all don’t love the same things. If you are into your chunky jewellery you can get  yourself the Silver Snowflake Pendent for an amazing £10! Or if like me you prefer more delicate items you could grab yourself a Silver Diamond Cut Snowflake Pendent for £5.65 amazing right!!! They really do have something for everybody, if your not that into Christmas and are thinking I wouldn’t wear any of these things. They still have things for you! You could grab yourself the Triple SnowBall Necklace which is only £5.65. yes it’s called a snowball necklace but it isn’t too christmassy.

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I picked out two items which I absolutely fell in love with. The first is these Silver Snowflake Stud Earrings, which are only £5.05 which is amazing for a pair of Sterling Silver earrings. I am so excited for the 1st of December to be able to pop these beauties into my ears. They look so cute yet aren’t to over the top. The other item I picked is again a Snowflake, I think I must have a thing for Snowflakes I just find them super cute! This time it is a 18ct Rose Gold Dipped Silver Snowflake Necklace which is only £6.15. I literally can’t get over the prices of these. Another thing I have to talk about is the packaging! I felt like I had been given Christmas presents early. All their items get sent wrapped in brown paper, with a bow and peg with the JewelleryBox tag on it. This really did make my day, if you are one of those people who hate wrapping up presents at Christmas you could literally give these are you receive them. They are amazing!

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If you want to be in for a chance to win the same items that I received head over to my Instagram where you can enter yourself into the giveaway. The rules are simple all you have to do is follow myself and JewlleryBox and like the photo. It really is that simple, so head over now to be in for a chance to win these beautiful pieces.


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