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You may remember a little while back a Beauty Bay Haul that went up on CharlotteSamantha. I said I would be revewing the Make-up Geek eyeshadows and who would have thought that I would fall into one of those writing blocks when you really just dont know what to write anymore. I mean I had ideas but the when I brought up the blank blog post page I just got stuck, it was as if I had hit a wall. But I am back with some great things coming!!


IMG_5248 IMG_5245 IMG_5244

My first thought on the Make-up Geek packaging was that I loved it, I love the way they come in the colourful packaging and you can clearly see what shade you have inside. I chose to go for the smallest Z palette in an attempt to stop myself from buying far to many eyeshadows. That I probably be don’t need but in truth, which beauty addict doesn’t hold a full draw of eyeshadows. One thing that I did struggle with was picking which colours to choose, I decided to go for a few that I had heard lots and lots about. Those where Creme Brulee, Frappe, Peaches Smoothie and Cocoa bear. They are all pretty neutral shades but that what I wanted to go for to start with. I got four of the ordinary shadows but they also have duo chrome and foiled eyeshadows but for the first ones I thought I would play it on the safe side. All shadows are super creamy, blend amazingly and honestly last all day, I don’t think I have ever found shadows that last so long. I will 100% be getting myself some more of these shadows, I think I want to go for some of the more colourful shades!! I’ll be sure to update you when I get myself some of those!

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