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Beauty // Loreal Infallible Sculpt Review

Loreal Infallible Sculpt Review

I’m a little late to the party but I still wanted to try these out. A couple of weeks ago I was in Boots you may have seen my Boots haul post here. I picked up a couple of Loreal new release, Loreal has always been one of my favourites brands as it has so many amazing coverage foundations as well as some pretty incredible mascaras. So I knew I had to pick at least one thing up from their new range, since there was a 3 for 2 offer on it would  have been rude not to, right? I picked up two products from the Infallible Sculpt range and the Infallible Fixing Mist. The Infallible Sculpt Range is designed to allow you to create the best sculpted look. With three main steps starting with the perfect base, sculpt your face with the perfect contour and highlight and then finish with a three in one blush. I kind of wish now I had picked up one of the blushes to so I could try it out altogether. But I did pick up steps one and two. 

Loreal Infallible Sculpt Review 4

Infallible Sculpt Contouring Base in 01 Light/Medium £8.99

The first thing I wanted to mention about this foundation was the first thing I noticed about it funnily enough, and it actually made me walk away without buying it when I first realised. This product only comes in two shades 01 Light -Medium and 02 Medium – Dark. I don’t think I have ever seen a foundation range with only two colours, this scared me in a strange way. I am always in the middle, I’m not the palest and I’m not darkest so which do I go with!! I ended up going for the lighter one because I thought if it is too light I can always add a heap load of bronzer and darker the colour slightly. I then researched it once I had got home and found the reason that they only have two shades is that the foundation or contour base as it is called, is because the product has smart pigments within it which means it matches the skin colour it is applied to. I don’t know how much I believe this, but the colour seems okay for me so I am happy with that. I have used this both with and without primer and much prefer it with primer underneath, for me it is a quit runny consistency which makes it a little harder to stay put on my oily skin. I found the application to be seamless, creating a full coverage finish. Although after a couple of hours I found my oily skin to start showing, especially in my T zone. Normally I can get a good 5/6 hours out of my foundation before having to re-apply powder but this one seemed to be coming through thick and fast. I didn’t apply any powder at this point because I wanted to see how it would look after the normal 5/6 hours, by this point it looked like it was melting of my face. It was blotchy and just didn’t look good at all. However, I dabbed it with my beauty blender and everything seemed to smooth back out, I applied my powder and was good to go again. I do like this foundation however it is a pain to have to re-do powder after a couple of hours, I’ll definitely use it up but I doubt I’ll repurchase. Purely down to my oily skin.

Infallible Sculpt Countering Palette in 01 Light/Medium £9.99

This was what I was most excited about, lately I have been absolutely loving carving out my face. Maybe it’s because I have been lacking at the gym or just because it makes me make-up look that much better. Either way. This is step two in the three steps, so Loreal suggest that you sculpt and define your face with shade and light using the cream to powder contour palette. One thing I did not know when I got this palette was that it was a cream, I was swatching for these photos before I realise that it was a cream. Nevertheless I was excited to get using it. After I had applied my base it was time to sculpt. I took a small Zooeva brush and took the shadow shade on my brush, I drew a line under my cheek bona and temples and just under my chin, I then took a similar brush and used the light shade and put this on my cheekbones, forehead and top of my chin. I then started to blend out, this is where it all went wrong. Because it is a cream product it started to life the foundation from my face which meant I was left with funny patches. I took all the make-up off and started again. This time I applied the cream contour palette first before my foundation, thinking this way it couldn’t lift the foundation off. This worked so much better, you could see the bronzer underneath the foundation which to be honest made it look a lot more natural. Overall, I would probably re-purchase this if they bring it out in powder form, which I think is available in the USA at the moment.

Loreal Infallible Sculpt Review 3

Infallible Fixing Mist £7.99

The last product I got has been out the longest and it’s the Infallible Fixing Mist, I was a little unsure about picking this up after hearing so many comments about it leaving white marks down your face. But there was nothing else I really wanted and to be honest I wanted to try this out for myself. This was the first thing I tried once I got home, I shook the bottle and sprayed it over my face and it felt super refreshing. To be honest, I don’t get why people moaned about the white marks, it tells you to shake the bottle and if you do that you are white mark free. Follow the instructions people! Anyway, the one thing I found particular about this is the balls in the bottle, I felt as though it made it a lot more chemically. But not to worry, I still used it. The next morning when I was applying my make-up fresh I sprayed it onto my face and it really did help to keep my make-up in place. Not as much as my UD All Nighter but enough for a day in work. I would defiantly get this product again, especially for working days.


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  • Amy

    I had a look at this foundation a few days ago and didn’t realise it came in two shades – how bizarre! I have quite oily skin so I refrained from buying and glad I did now. Really want to the try the setting spray, heard lots of good things 🙂

    Amy |

  • fannyanddailybeauty

    I believe this is always a lot more natural to apply the contour cream before the foundation! I think I will have to skip the foundation, but the contouring palette is quite tempting!

  • Liina

    I used a product with smart pigments a while back and it made me look stark orange! I’m glad this one worked for you (in a way), but I have oily skin too and will probably now not be looking at that product! I love the layout of your blog, it looks so clean!

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I know, I wish the smart pigment worked amazingly would make foundation shopping so much easier!! ox

  • Caroline Malone

    Great review! I haven’t had much luck when it comes to drugstore foundations, especially with L’Oreal so will probably give it a miss! I’m so useless with cream blushers and contour kits as I just can’t seem to get them applied nicely on my face without moving the rest of my products! xx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      You should try putting them on underneath like i have!! It has worked a treat for me ox

  • Emmys Beauty Cave

    This range really hasn’t bothered me and i don’t know why. It is so weird the foundation only comes in two shades! I have the fixing spray and love it!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  • Lisa Santos

    I have the foundation and contour palette. I am surprised about the fact that the foundation “moves” when u applied the cream contour on top. That actually did not happen with me. I wonder if you are blending it with circular motions? If you are , try dabbing it instead in an upwards motion. That is how I do mine and it works so well! x

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