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Ive become one of those girls who cant go a day without putting a face mask on. There is something about having a face mask on that just makes me feel like I am treating myself that little bit more than usual. It makes me feel good about myself and lets face it its amazing for my skin, so I am all for it. I have four that I am using constantly at the moment. Changing between them pretty much daily, Ive found recently my skin type is changing up so much, one day I can wake up with super oily, the next super dry. One day my face will be full of spots the next I am spot free. It really doesn’t know what type of skin it wants to have. Thats why I have been trying to change up the masks I am using to help fight the issue on that day. I have a mixture of hydrating mask and blemish control.

Face Mask 2

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask 

This is my favourite ever mask, this clears up a break out after like one use. This one does burn a little when you first put it on and does make you look like a monster as its a black product. But dont let that bother you. Just own it, take a selfie or even a snapchat. Cause at the end of it you are going to look beaut. I promise. Ive had this one for a while now and I seem to have got so many uses out of it which is great. This is aimed for blemish prone and oily skin, and claims that when it is applied to the skin it acts like a magnet to pull out the dirt. Sounds a little gross really doesnt it! This costs £23 which may seem a little more on the expensive side but I promise it lasts so long!

Kiko Peeling Mask, Renewing Exfoliating Mask 

The kiko Peeling mask if for the days when you feel like you need to get rid of that top layer of skin and start again. I like to use this after Ive had a full face of make-up on all day as it makes me feel like it really gets out all of the make-up that has been sat in my pores all day. I suffer from large pores so this feels amazing for me. I also love the feeling of peeling the mask off my face, you know the kinda thing that feels really satisfying once your finished!! That kinda thing, I really want to try some more peeling masks so if you have any more suggestions please let me know!! So it appears to have disappeared from the website, which I am gutted about so I think ill have to get myself to my nearest Kiko to see if they still sell it, otherwise, come on guys give me some more recommendations!!

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask 

This one is for those really dry days when I feel like I need that little extra hydration in my skin, this one feels very cooling, thin and just magical if I am being truthful. Its just so light and wonderful. I dont really know how else to describe it. But it is perfect if you suffer from dry skin or just dry patches. Sometimes if I just have a few dry patches around my face I’ll put this one of those patches and another in places that aren’t particularly dry. This one costs £33.10 for the full size but I only have a sample size from a gift set at christmas.

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche

This is exactly how it sounds, a super heavy feeling moisture mask. This is for the super dry days, where your face feels so tight you need to throw a bucket of water over your head. To make it a little cleaner and make you feel a little bit better about yourself than having a bucket of water thrown at you, grab this mask. You have the option of leaving it on all night and just rubbing in the excess with a cotton pad or applying it and removing it with water which is what I do. Purely because I dont like the feeling of the mask sitting on my skin for to long. I dont know, it just feels a little too heavy for me. If you have tried it you  might know what I mean, its not that product itself is heavy, it just feels a little too hydrating. Like I’m drowning. Maybe I should just stop now, I feel like I am talking this product when really I love it for my serious dry skin days. This one costs £18.50 which is the cheapest out of the three I know the price of anyway and if you do suffer from dry skin it is well worth the purchase.



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