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Beauty // Irresistible Me Curly Wurly*


IMG_5666IMG_5677 A few post back you will see my Irresistable Me review, as they sent me an amazing 8 in 1 curler. I have been loving using this ever since it landed in my letter box. The 8 in 1 wand means you can create so many different looks and this is just one that I have been wearing pretty much every week. You can see in my review post the different size barrels you get, which allows you to create so many different looks. My favourite one to use right now is a couple of the widest barrels as this creates a really nice natural wavy look. Although one day I would like to get the smallest barrel out and create a super curly look.

IMG_5660 IMG_5647 IMG_5648

For this look I separated my hair off into three sections and curled each, leaving my hair around the curler for 15-20 seconds. This seemed like just the right amount of time to allow my hair to become super curly wurly. I then took a two sections from the front of my face, and twisted them back, securing them with a bobbi pin. One thing I would suggest if you are wanting to achieve this look is to get some pretty bobbi pins I know have some with small flowers on them which detracts from the ugly bobbi pins you can see. It’s that simple, your now done!

IMG_5676 IMG_5674 IMG_5671 IMG_5664


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