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I feel like it’s been forever since I was sat typing out a favourites post. I almost miss it, there is something super satisfying about having a load of products/things in front of you in a notebook and thinking how much I loved this things this past month. June was the start of summer, well if you can call it that in England I think I have seen more rain this month than I had in April! As I’m sat typing this out I have Theres Something About Mary on in the background so if it seems little off, or doesn’t make sense at some points dont judge me. Sometimes you just have to have a little fun while your on your days off, you know.


As I have mentioned only around 2983728357 times I am off to New York at the beginning of September so I am saving up like mad. This has meant using up products that I have and finding new favourites in the old ones stored away. The first thing I pulled out was the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Classic Ivory, I forgot how much I loved this foundation. It is one of the only foundation from the drugstore that really covers up my problematic areas. It is also perfect for the summer months as it is a dewy foundation leaving your skin looking radiant and glowing.

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There are three eye products included in this months favourites, the first a brow product which I have definitely mentioned before. Loreal Brow Artist Plumper, this stuff is amazing for a fast quick make-up look which has 100% been my go to look this past month. It sets your brows in place, whilst adding colour and also allowing you to shape them. The next is a mascara that I have used for years and found a new one in my little pile of mascaras, which is the Loreal Volume Million Lashes, this brush is amazing, I dont normally go for a plastic brush but this one really picks up every lash and creates a thicker, longer look. Another reason I love this so much that by the end of the day it is still on my lashes, it hasnt dropped down or printed on my lid. It is just perfect. The last product is a palette, which actually has two lipstick shades and a lip gloss in to, but it is the eyeshadows that I have been using. I was given this Bobbi Brown Mini Lip and Eye palette two years ago for christmas. The three shades are called (light to dark) Ivory, Cement and Black Chocolate. I use these to create a smoky eye, and it is perfect. This palette is also so easy to keep in your bag, then if you ever need a top up you have got it and three lip choices!

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The last products are some skin products that I have been using soso much. The first is Anitas Balm which was kindly sent to me and you can find it on her website linked. This stuff was developed by a mother to help with her sons skin as she couldn’t find anything that was soothing enough to help moisturize his skin. I struggle with eczema on my legs and this stuff is amazing. Its a balm that almost turns into a soothing oil once rubbed into your skin. This has soothed the discomfort of eczema and also helped keep my hydration levels high enough to lesson my eczema. The other two products I have are from Belleza Corner, one is a polishing peel which has helped get rid of those dead skin cells which can stay dormant on your face, once you have applied this it tightens on the face which is how it removes the dead skin cells, it honestly feels amazing once you have taken it off. The other is my favourite out of the two which is a mud mask, I love mud masks. I always feel like my skin feels amazingly clean and clear after using one, so I try to use them at least once a week.


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