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I’m a huge mascara junkie but never been a girl to wear false lashes all the time. But whenever I see girls wearing them I always think to myself I want to be like you. I want those lashes on. They always make your eyes look big and bold. So when I got the chance to try out some from False Lashes, of course I said yes. If you have never heard of False Lashes, they are a website which offer a huge range of lashes from Ardell, Velour etc. They also sell mascaras, brow products and lash gel. The one thing I love about False Lashes is the delivery is free, one thing I can’t stand is having to pay a fortune for delivery.


The lashes I chose are Velour Lashes, I have heard so much about these that I knew I wanted to try them out. When they arrived I was so surprised with how luxuries they looked. Packed in their little box, I went for the style Are Those Real because I wanted them to look a little more natural rather than look like a pair of huge falsies. I found it pretty easy to apply the lashes although bear in mind if it is the first time you are putting them on its going to take a little longer than it would if you have always wore them. The Velour Lashes are such good quality, I’ve worn them three times now and think if I really needed to I could probably get another wear out of them which I think is amazing. Especially when the ones I have tried in the past have lasted one wear.


I also picked up a mascara, another that I have heard so much about which is the Loreal Telescopic mascara which was recently in my favourites. If you have never tried this why? You need this. Everybody needs this. I’m normally the type to go for a mascara brush with bristles but this one is a plastic brush but never the less I absolutely love it. Something about it makes my lashes super long but also thick at the same time.

All in all I would definitly order from False Lashes again, it was super quick delivery. Everything was amazing quality too!!

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