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With matte lips being the thing right now and with added bite of the cold looming on us it is super important to look after your lips.


I have found lately that my lips seem to be becoming more and more dry. Not only because of the cold that seems to have taken over but also due to the amount of matte lipsticks I am wearing. One of the only products that seem to be helping at the moment are my EOS lip balms. I’m sure you’ve got one or two lying around in your hand bags and if not know about them anyway but they have been helping me sort out the chapped lip issue. You can read about the story of EOS lip balm here.

eos-lip-balms eos-lip-balm-3

One of the first things that drew me to the EOS lip balms was their unusual shape, you normally get your lip balm in a tube but the EOS lip balms are more of a dome which make the application to the lips so much easier. And let’s be honest they look so more fun to look at. They also come in so many different flavours which makes them all the more inviting, but don’t have that unusual taste like some lip balms have. Of course they are also super hydrating for the lips, I find when I apply this lip balm before I got sleep on a night I can still feel it on my lips in the morning. Some people might think this is bad because it has just sat on the top of the lips but you can honestly feel how much it has hydrated your lips.


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