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Favourites // October Edit


I feel like its been such a long time since I posted my favourites, although I am pretty sure I posted a September favourties. Yup, I definitely did. Maybe it’s because we are like 6 days into November when I am writing this so it feels like its long over due, although really it’s not. I’ve just moved into my parents house this weekend so trying to find all the products I wanted to include into this post proved super difficult, but we made it non the less. As you read this I am probably on my way into Newcastle to do my Christmas shopping, yes you read that right. I know it November but it will be Christmas before we know it, and lets face it a lot of you have already got at least one present in. Oh, and its going to be a long one so make sure youve got your cup of tea and biscuits ready. (biscuit’s because are you even human if you only eat one). october-favourites-4

On the make-up front there have been a few that have stuck out for me this month. A few that have probably been in my favourites before but that the point in favourites, right. Showing you exactly what I have been loving, there’s no point lying to you and telling you have been loving something totally different. First up is the Benefit Rockateur blush, this has been featured on CharlotteSamantha, so many times. There is just something about it that gives me the feels. I think I love it so much because it kinda looks like a bronzer when it’s on the skin and means that’s one less step in the make-up routine, when you know you need those extra few minutes in bed. When I am feeling like going all out with my make-up I have been reaching for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, this stuff is incredible. I have been using the banana shade pretty much daily which is a god send for those dark under eye circle. If you ever look at this palette and just feel like you can’t spend the money on it, honestly just do it. You will not live to regret the moment you start using it, I promise. It wouldn’t be a favourite’s post without talking about a couple of products for the eyes, would it. The only eyeshadow I have been using lately is the  Tarte Tartelette palette this has so many everyday colours, I just can’t stop using it. Along with the Loreal telescopic mascara which I have only recently fallen in love with. I had heard so many things about this mascara but never really got round to trying it, but now I have used it once I just can’t stop. The last in the beauty selections this month is the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, there is something about a peel off mask that just does everything for me. This has been helping my skin out so much this past month, with moving back to my mams and sorting lots of life stuff out I have been eating terribly which has meant my skin is super blocked up. But using this mask once a week has helped to keep my skin from becoming super gross and spotty.


Now it’s for all the other good stuff, which to be honest I feel like this month there are lots of things I have been loving other than beauty. Sometimes I just don’t feel like I have enough time to get all the makeup on like you always do, but that’s okay because I know this month I will be back to playing about with my make-up. First lets talk food. Because food it life. And it wouldn’t be  right if Nutella wasn’t include in a favourites because it is the most amazing tasting food ever. On bread, on biscuits even on its own. I have eating it non stop, which is probably why my skin has been so congested but who cares, you only live once right. The other sweet treat I have been having is the Peanut Hottie Hot Chocolate, if you love peanuts and you love hot chocolate this is for you. I don’t even have words to describe it other than amazing. Another thing that has been at my side at all times is my Erin Condren planner, yes I know. Can you believe how beautiful this planner is. I will be doing a full post on this little beauty some time soon, keep your eyes peeled. When my eyes aren’t drawn to my planner you will have found me watch either The Missing or Black Mirror. These two shows have had me hooked this past month. So much so that I have actually re-watched most of Black Mirror that I had already seen.


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  • Natasha Todd

    Great choices for your Oct favourites I soooo want the ABH contour kit!! Plus the tarte palette sounds amazing, I love finding a good palette you can use everyday! xx


  • rinkydinkyrhi

    I found the Boscia mask online after trying to find a replacement for my favourite but discontinued Kiko Energy Mask, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be any good. Will definitely check it out now!

    Rhi x

    • Charlotte Samantha

      One of my favourite Kiko masks was discountinued too!! This one is worth it I promise!! ox

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