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Drugstore Spring Lips 2

It’s finally spring!! Can we get a whoo! I’ve never been so excited for Spring and Summer to step into my life. I have never ever been so into blogging and getting things done and have so much planned for the Spring that I just want to do it all now. But for now we are talking all about the lip shades I’ll be reaching for this Spring. In this post we will be talking all about drugstore products and a high-end will follow soon. As many of you may already know I am trying to use products that I already have, so non of these are new products. But hopefully there will be some newbies coming up soon.

Drugstore Spring Lips 4 Drugstore Spring Lips 5

First we have the brightest shade of them all which is a Kiko Velvet Mat Satin lipstick in Bright Orange. This is £6.90 which is a steal I think. This one is for the more bold, bright days. When I am feeling a little more daring than usual. I normally chicken out of the bold lipsticks as I get worried about them smudging and cracking but this one is super creamy and stays put all day long. Next we have a Make-up Revolution lipstick in the shade, Girls Best Friend. This bright pink shade makes me feel super girly. Again this is one for the bolder days or maybe even a sneaky date night. You really don’t get much better than this for £3.00. For the everyday, keeping it simple days I have got the Loreal Collection Privee in the shade Julianne. I love how creamy these lipsticks are, although I do find I have to keep applying these shades throughout the day. But for £6.99 it really is still a bargain! Back to the bolds we have a Revlon colour burst in the shade Love Sick. I’m going to be honest one of the main reason’s I love this lipstick is because it smells like peppermint. It stays put all day and also stays super glossy without being too sticky. This is the most expensive out of the lipsticks at £7.99 but I still think it is a complete bargain!

Drugstore Spring Lips 6 Drugstore Spring Lips 7

There are also two glosses that I cant wait to be wearing this Spring. The first being a New Look Matte in the shade Sweet Rose. I have been wearing this non stop lately, it goes on glossy then dries to a matte formula, I also get a little bit worried about matte finishes, purely incase they dry my lips out or go cakey. However the last few times I have worn this one it has stayed put all day. Again this is an absolute steal at £3.99. The last we have is one that I got last year and never actually wore, although I literally love the shade and it is a Sephora lipgloss in the shade Peach. I think this may be part of a rose collection as it smells super strong of roses. I’m not actually the biggest fan of roses but there is something about this that I love! I wasnt actually going to put this one in as I thought it’s not really fair as its so hard to get in the Uk, but I loved it too much not to pop it in.



P.s Keep an eye out for my High End Spring lips coming soon!

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