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Dermalex Review 2

You know me, I’m always on the look out for things that might improve my skin. Be it my face or the rest of my body. I suffer from a rash on my arms and legs, it’s almost like red blotches but up close they look like small spots, can be white and leaves the skin super dry. I have suffered from this all my life and never really knew what it was, until I was reading up online. As you may well know too, I suffer from break outs on my face, which drive me nuts! When Dermalex contacted me to see if I wanted to try some of their products I was super excited. Reading up about their products online made me want to try them even more. Everything seemed to be deeply researched and from reading their website I felt like they really knew what they where talking about. They sent me two of their products the first being a Acne treatment and the other Rosacea.

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Starting with the Acne treatment, which was more suited to my skin type. At the time I started using this my face had erupted, I literally didn’t have a patch of skin that wasn’t free from a blemish. This claims to help reduce size, swelling and redness whilst restoring the skins natural balance. All Dermalex products are dermatologically tested which means you have no worries of them having an nasties in them. Without sounding too gory I really saw a difference in the swelling around my spots as well as the white heads, it seemed to lessen the effects of the spots actually coming to a head.This meant there was no picking and they just went on their own, bonus! But not if you are one of those gross people who like to pick there ┬áspots and other people’s!! That should just not be allowed. yuk.

The cream itself is a pale green, which I am going to be totally honest kind of put me of it, I wish it was just a normal white colour. But it must be one of the ingredients within the treatment that makes it green. I know a lot of treatments that aim to reduce redness have a green pigment so maybe that’s what it is. It wouldn’t stop me using the product in the future though. It doesn’t really have a scent which I wasnt too fussed about, I hate products which are heavily scented because lets face it how can they possibly be good for you skin. But also hate the ones that smell like chemicals, just no. It was a pretty thick consistency which I don’t really mind because my skin is pretty dry at the moment anyway so this felt soothing on my skin. Overall, I would say I could definitely see a difference in size and redness, and they did seem to calm down a little. Although let’s be serious this was never going to totally get rid of all spots I have, cause what does!

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Rosacea is a condition where you will suffer from redness, visible side veins, a burning sensation and itchiness. This is normally on the face but can go down the neck, scalp and ears. I’ve never really suffered from bad redness on my face so instead I used this on my arms where I suffer from redness. This products claims to reduce dryness, reduce the appearance of redness and visibility of spider veins. I can say that this hydrated my arms soso much, Id never felt my arms so hydrated before and the redness 100% reduced. But I can’t really comment on how this product reacts with rosacea, as I don’t actually suffer from this.┬áMuch like the Acne treatment this product was green, again I think this was maybe the ingredients for the reduction of redness. This one seemed thicker to me than the acne which really helped with the dry skin on my arms.

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You can get these products in Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds pharmacy and Amazon.

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