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Beauty // Autumn Lips

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I recently posted about the eyeshadow palettes that I will be using non stop this autumn, so I thought you know what? I’m gunna do the same with my lipsticks. Because you know with a new season means every blogger talks about the different products they will be using and its my turn! You should know by now I love autumn. October, November and December are my three favourite months by far. No more heat, dark shades are in and anything and everything to do with Halloween and christmas happens. For my lips this means dark berry shades, darker browns and lots of reds. And lets face it lots of TLC because most of those darker shades tend to be matte, and if there not matte by the end of the day you look like you have been kissing too many boys that day. Whoops.¬†

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Lets do this in categories of colour because they seem to be grouped in three different colours and lets just bare in mind that some of these colours do look exactly the same as each other but the finish may be different, don’t judge. I’m not as crazy as I may seem. Lets look at the nudes, when it turns to the autumn I tend to go for darker brown nudes which I just bloody love. I mean come on ladies, who doesn’t love a good dark nude shade. The darkest I have is a liquid lipstick by NYX from their Lingerie collection in the shade Teddy. I love these liquid lipsticks and 100% think I will be adding to my¬†collection, it applies smoothly and doesn’t seem to dry out my lips although it does dry super matte so if that not your thing stay clear. I will always reach for a matte lip rather than a glossy because I don’t do much touching up during the day so the mattes tend to last a lot longer for me. The next is another liquid lipstick, this one is by Lime Crime in the shade Polly. This has a much more purple undertone which really shows through, I love how beautiful the finish is to this lipstick. It does dry totally matte but doesn’t look super drying on the lips like some of them can. This literally lasts all day and you have to really scrub to get it off. This is my latest love which is a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade Secret Salma, lately I have been loving anything from Charlotte Tilbury and definitely want to build on my collection. This is the first lipstick I have used from her make-up and my goodness is it beautiful. The finish is almost glossy but isn’t one of those lipsticks that fall off your lips. The colour is to die for, not a super brown nude but not too pink. It almost has a berry under tone to it which is perfect for this time of year. The last in my ‘nudes’ is Twig by Mac, to be honest I use this pretty much all year round but I just had to include it in this post. I just love it, it’s a brown nude which looks amazing with any make-up look. It’s almost a satin version of the well-loved Velvet Teddy. So if you love that one then you need to get your hands on this one.

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On to my favourite colours for this time of year which are the berry shades, to be honest this is the only time of year I wear this kind of shade which I think is possibly why I get so excited to wear them. There is one gloss in this whole post and it is the Mac Cremesheen Glass in the shade Colour Saturation, I know I said I don’t like super glossy lips. But there is one exception. This lip gloss doesn’t melt down my face, making me look like I have been sucking blood like a vampire. Granted it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as any of the lipsticks it does need a lot of touching up during the day but it is just too pretty to leave alone. Added this lip gloss isn’t stick, does anyone else hate that feeling of your hair sticking to your lipgloss when you are walking anywhere? Yes this does have amazing packaging its a Make-Up Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in the shade Diamond. I have been waiting all year to be able to wear this beauty and I think it may be finally time. This is kinda like a glossy version of one I am about to talk about (Ill tell you when) and is the perfect berry shade I ever did see. And is such an affordable lipstick to have in your collection. Next is a super popular lipstick and many of you will know it as Zoe (aka Zoella’s) favourite lipstick of all time. It is of course the Kate Moss 107. This is just amazing!!!! The perfect shade for the autumn. I love that this doesnt stain the lips and apples so well. As you can see mine is kinda taking a funny shape due to the amount of times I use it but thats okay right? At least I am using it! Last one which is the one most like Diamonds, is Macs Rebel. I have been using this lipstick for almost three years now. Dont worry there has been a new one purchased. I don’t think I will never ever not have this in my collection for the autumn. When I first bought this I was super scared about the colour because it just looks so scary in the bullet. But honestly apply it once and you will be wearing it every single day I am not kidding. It is a satin which isn’t my most favourite finish but I normally apply this over the top of a matte lip liner and it goes on a treat. It lasts for a pretty good amount of time, but be warned, one if you eat or drink anything you are going to need to reapply this, and two try to rub this off and you are going to look hilarious. You need a good miceller water to get this off.

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I couldn’t forget the reds because at the end of next month and the whole of the following month your going to need a good red. I much prefer a darker shade of red for my complexion but any good red will do. There are three reds in my collection I love and granted they really all do look the same but hey, a girls can’t have too many similar reds, right? The first is by Loreal and is part of the Collection Exclusive range in the shade Eva’s Pure Red. This is a mate dark red lipstick that looks amazing on the lips. It applies so smoothly and last’s an average amount of time but this is definitely one that you need to carry around with you in your bag. Same with the next red which is by Mac in the shade Opera from the Toledo collection. Can we look at the packaging, kinda the reason I added it into this post but he lipstick itself is amazing too! The last is my absolute favourite, again another Mac but this time it is a Liquid lipstick in the shade Dance With Me. This is a little tricky to apply but once you get the hang of it this will last you all day. I do usually do one top up of this but other than that it will last you all day long. It’s just so gorgeous and a true dark red shade.


Until next time,
CharlotteSamantha. OX




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