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I’m back trying to adult and wondering when my mind will start thinking like an adult rather than just pretending. As some of you may know myself and Alex are moving back in with my parents to save for a house. Urghhh, scary stuff. Which means I gotta really grow up. It also means that money I spend on all my nice lovely make-up bits, the new pair of shoes I just so needed has to stop. I know, I’m crying too. But I also want that dreamy home I’ve pinned all over my Pinterest board. In a mid panic of ‘HOW ON EARTH ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS’. I sat and made a list of the things we could do to make it a little easier. I hope. 1. Sort.Sacrafice.Sell

The one that we are probably the worst at. Well I am anyway. I can sometimes be a huge hoarder. I go to sort through my wardrobe etc and all of a sudden I am putting everything back where it was because I might just one day fit into that top I bought when I was 12. OR I might get my dream job and be on the red carpet and need this dress. But lets face it if any of these things we so hope would happen, actually does happen we would be the first out in the shops buying a totally new outfit. Because that what we do anyway! So get your mind in the right mode and start sorting through all of your things. We recently sorted through all of our DVDs and made around £70 using Music Magpie. Its crazy what a little bit of sorting can do. Once you’ve done that, double do it. I know this takes lots of effort but the stuff you’ve put back, go through again. Will you watch that again? Are you ever going to listen to a CD. The book that’s been on the shelf for two years now is never going to be read. Sell it all. There are so many different ways of selling nowadays, whether its Ebay, Facebook sell pages, music magpie or even a car boot sale. All the money will add up. Think of that bit of extra money you could pop into your savings account!!

2.Need vs Want

We all get into modes when we tell ourselves that we need something when in reality it is merely a want that we want to fullfil. My top tip for deciding if you really need a pair of shoes, a new foundation or even a chocolate bar, is to put it back. Walk away, out of the shop and in ten minutes do you still feel like you need it. If its a yes then maybe you can treat yourself if not then look at that money you have saved. The reason I realised how much I did this was from internet shopping on a night, I would fill an online basket with £100 worth of stuff, Id leave it wake up in the morning, look through the basket and wonder what on earth I was thinking. Granted we do sometimes need to treat ourselves because life isn’t always easy. But just really think if it is going to make you super happy or if whatever you feel you need the following week will you make you happier.



This is a big one for me. I am a plan-a-holic. If there is something I can plan, im there with a pen and paper ready. I dont just mean plan what you are spending your money although this is a good one. But think about meals, can you make extra of something and pop it into the freezer so you have something made up for the night you cant be bothered to cook and would have ended up spending on a take-away. The other thing that I have started to do which is saving us so much, is looking in the fridge and the cupboard and seeing what is in there that I will need to throw out soon. I then make a meal up from what I have. My new favourite thing is to put stuff in the slow cooker, the things that would have usually ended up in the bin and take these out for lunches. I also like to write a list of what expenses I have the following month. This makes sure I don’t have any nasty surprises when I turn up to someones house and its there birthday and I have to do the awkward, ” I’m skint this month but next month I’ll get you something extra special” We all know one of them and hate them. Lets face it the present never turns up.


4.Points Make Prizes

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you what bargain hunter I am, and if there are points to be had i’m going to have them. Most stores now have points systems which help you out so much! I have a purse dedicated to my loyalty cards, does that make me sad? But I’ll be the one laughing when I’m walking away with all my free goodies because Ive been using my points card all year. Another thing similar is to check online for discount codes, there are normally always one or two discount vouchers floating around, so when you get the need for that want. Pop online and see if you can get it any cheaper online, or even get some money off it. Its worth a try right?


5. Make The Money Grow

We are all human and love to watch things grow. And that stands for money too. If you are constantly putting money away into a separate savings account and can see that money growing every month you are going to be more and more dedicated to get more money in there. Another way that I like to watch my money grow is by drawing a little graph into my planner. Set myself a goal for that month in what I want to save and every time I can add to it colour the graph in until its full. You’ll be saving more than you ever thought because all you want to do it get to the top of the chart so there is no white gaps!

Until next time,
CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • bylaurenjane

    Great tips, I’ve found that blogging about a month long spending ban, and feeling the need to update my readers has helped me save money in the past. I try to put money away every month as well so I can save for things I really want/need or a holiday. Making good decisions and not just buying something on a spur of the minute moment really does help.

    Lauren xx

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